So Tired…

I fell off the Blogsphere for a while. Life got busy, hectic, crazy. Oh yeah…

The day of John Thomas’ memorial at the library, it snowed. So, there were about 55 people there. Lots of people shared memories.

Since then, I spent a lot of time sorting out possessions, trying to be organized, attended school holiday parties, did a wiring job with Dan for District O.N.E., sew new clothes for an SCA event in January, attended an SCA holiday party, and went shopping on December 19th. Oh that was a mistake. It was crazy!

Then Yule, Christmas and Yoolis. The first was the solstice. Our quiet time. Spent it doing lots of catch up stuff. Christmas Day I made green chile and we had tamales from Romeros. Yum! Daniel and Angela came over for dinner and we all ate way too much. Yoolis was the SCA holiday party. It was fun. Good conversation, food and a relaxing time.

On December 30th, I took Gir to a no kill shelter in Trinidad. Beth hadn’t been able to find a home for her. It was a sad but necessary thing.

We had a computer job on December 31st. Drove up to Castle Rock and back by 8pm. I stayed up watching stuff off of Netflix. Dan woke up at about 11:55pm, and we celebrated the New Year with a bit of whisky.

New Year’s Day started on a fast track. I started off my day with cutting out two Viking hoods, and a new Viking dress. Then we went off to pick up furniture that Ethan left at the John Mall house. He wasn’t there, so we headed to get some lunch. Just got lunch when Beth rang to say that she was almost ready to go. She’d been packing for a month, and was finally ready.

We headed over to the house and said our goodbyes. Then we finally picked up the stuff from the JM house and then did some organizational work at the house. We just got started when Daniel and Angela showed up to pick up his stuff. He and Dan moved some furniture that will go to friends. Got home in time to finish up the pinto beans, make corn bread and slice the ham. Yum…

Since then, we have moved furniture, rounded up cats (9 of 16), bagged trash, sorted out ‘stuff’, and cleaned. For the most part, it has been sort, toss, sort, keep, sort… I am amazed at all the stuff. We’ve been downsizing a lot over the last few years, but omg! We took a truck load of stuff to the ARC, the thrift store in Pueblo. I will have another load by the end of the week. Today was a rough day. We cleared three rooms. After we scraped floors, Dan bleached sprayed the walls while I wiped them down. Then we mopped the floors. All with bleach water. The worst room was the breakfast nook. However, I think we got all the cat shit off of the floor. I’m hoping that the smell is lessened.

Tomorrow, we will prep the rooms for painting. We will Spackle holes, cracks and divots.  Then we will tape off windows, and edgings. Then the paint… We’ve decided on one color for most of the rooms. From there we will highlight them with colors from the same range. We are working towards restoring the house to it’s 1936 Mission/Arts & Crafts glory.

4 thoughts on “So Tired…

    1. It is a beautiful house. Just terribly neglected at the moment. We are making lists of furniture we want, decorations, etc. We want it to be a happy CLEAN house. 🙂

      As for Gir, I hope she finds a lovely family.

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