The cleaning continues…

Today we hit a milestone. The kitchen and breakfast nook are totally clean. Every surface from ceiling to floor and every cupboard and drawer has been cleaned. Lots of bleach, water and elbow grease. Over the next few days, we will be getting ready to sand the floors and prep the rooms for painting. All of the rooms are getting new paint. Especially the bathroom. I like lime green, but in the bathroom, I feel overwhelmed.

Here are some pictures to show you what we’ve been doing. I should have taken some “before” pics, but… I was too busy cleaning. The dining room minus about half the stuff on the floor is the best example.

I will be posting more pics as we refurbish the house. The dining room will become my sewing area. Dan will have office and workspaces downstairs. We have a ton of books to put in the library. We are looking forward to returning the house to more of it’s 1936 glory. Our big challenges at the moment are paint and fixtures. We are looking for Mission style switch plates and lighting. Some of the rooms have what I think of as the ‘boob lights’ from Home Depot. You know, the dome lights… sigh. I’m hoping we find the old lights downstairs. If not, we will do our best to figure out how to replace the three domes.

We’ve decided to paint all of the rooms a cream color. Sort of a hint of wheat/gold. The bathroom will have an olive/forest green highlight. We haven’t found a color to work with the tiles in the kitchen and breakfast nook. We’ve tried green and blue, but they don’t work. Next time we head to Pueblo, we will be looking at the tans. We are trying to keep in that Mission/Arts & Crafts style color pallet. The kitchen inner cupboard on the one side was yellow. John and Beth decided to match it, but it is just too much. The original paint on most of the kitchen was white. We found this out when we were scrubbing shelves.

We will be touching up the woodwork with a matching stain. Eventually, we may have to replace doors, but we are trying to hold off on that. As it is, six of the kitchen cabinet doors need replaced as well as four drawer fronts.

Once we are moved in, I will be making curtains or modifying the ones that I have to fit the rooms. Some of the curtains I made 12-14 years ago are still viable, and they will go back up as well. Once again, that historical color pallet will be put into play.

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    1. It does have good bones. 🙂 We cleaned the hall and the turquoise bedroom today. Next up is the living room and dining room.

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