Little Improvements

I’ve been painting. 🙂 We have two rooms done. Well, nearly done. There are a few touch ups to do in the room that was turquoise. I’ve started painting over that green in the bathroom too.

Today, Dan fixed the little telephone niche that is in the hall. The top was very beaten up. So, today he made a new one. He made a relief in the top, where the cords will come up so that we can recharge our phones there.

We worked on the Furnace room too. It was the last ‘dirty’ place. While I’ve been painting, he’s been cleaning out the basement. What a slog. What a mess! Rotten food, cat shit, trash, discarded clothing, etc. Horrid. Well, today I helped in the furnace room. I did my best to sort out trash from treasure. Sometimes I found treasure, but it was fouled. Yeah, you can guess by what. We also checked out the furnace. It reportedly didn’t work. Well, if you don’t add water, and don’t bleed the lines, it doesn’t work as well. As soon as the room is clean and we have propane, we will have heat!

The worst was the books. My books, that had been left behind. Ludlum’s, Mitchner’s, all sorts of books. Some were in boxes. Others were just dumped on the floor. Some are only good for decoupage or distressed book art. grrrrr… I am not happy. Those two were librarians, and they let these and other books just be destroyed. Akkkk!

Tomorrow, we will finish the furnace room and begin to sanitize the basement. We will haul out all of the salvageable stuff, clean it and then once the basement is clean, bring it back in. Gah!

Here are the latest pictures:

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