Snow, Trains and Volleyball games.

Sunday was cold.

Monday was cool.

Tuesday I woke up at 6:30am to see huge fat snow flakes outside. Brrrr! Since our vehicles are still down, I walked to work. It felt really funky to be so bundled up when the day before had been warm enough for no jacket.

Of course, the snow meant that I had very few people at the Chamber. I got a bit of work done, and by the time I was ready to go home, my mom decided to pick me up! Wheee!!!!

Wednesday was cold, but by mid afternoon, it was warm enough to carry my coat home. I even hung laundry outside! Today was warm too. You have to love Colorado weather. Or, just go crazy.We also got my car Divot up and running well enough to drive around town. Wheeee!!!

Considering the people I have had in the Chamber/Visitor Center this week, it must be Train Spotter month or something. I have had more people in asking about the station, and trains than anything else. In case I have forgotten to mention it, the Chamber is housed in the old train station in Walsenburg. It makes phone conversations really fun as the tracks are less than 20 feet from my office. My desk is right behind the left middle window in the picture below.

Walsenburg Station
Walsenburg Station
Another view of the Station
Another view of the Station

My problem is that I don’t know enough about the history of the train station and always feel bad when I have to say I don’t know. Oh, and we must have a beacon on top of the station saying, “train spotter here! No Trains Today!”.  Why? Well, on average, we have 40 trains a day pull through town. However, whenever I have a train spotter walk in, I have NO Trains go by. Like today. Quiet all morning, and this gentleman comes in asking about the station. I tell him what I know, including the train stats and the suspicion that there is some sort of consipiracy to keep people like him waiting to see trains. He laughs and goes off to have lunch. Right about 1pm, when all the locals are trying to get back to work after lunch, here comes a train. One of the long ones. I wondered if the train guy had seen it. Sure enough, he came in about 10 minutes later with a big grin on his face. He’d gotten lots of pictures and was very happy. He also told me that the station had been built for the Rio Grande Railroad, which was something I hadn’t know.

Tonight, we had to get to Gardner for Morgan’s Volleyball award dinner. We borrowed Jolene’s SUV and drove up. First though was the Mom-Daughter Volleyball game. Of course, we cheated. Dan played as well. We did pretty good. The first game was close. 25-24, and the girls won. Second game was 25-16. The girls were over the moon that they beat us twice. Afterwards, we had pizza for dinner and awards. Morgan got the most improved beginner on the team. All the girls got medals and certificates. It was a fun evening.

Tomorrow we are going to work on Blue, the old pick up truck, finish up the ‘winterizing’ of the guest house at 520 and then collapse for at least 10 minutes.

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