Boyz and Skunks

I haven’t had many boyz tales lately. However,… I have one to share.

The house on 520 is having skunk problems again. A month or so ago, it started showing up. Brandy barks, Tosoto hisses and on ocassion, we spend a night filled with the scent of …gag… skunk. To help drive the skunk away, Dan has been peeing on the fence at night to “mark the territory”. Our yard is very dark, so no one worries about this.

Keep in mind that the yard is dark…

Last night, Dan took Brandy out to do her stuff before bed. It’s cold, and stepping from a warm house to a cold backyard precipitated the inevitable. Dan had to go. So, he walked over to the fence where he’d been peeing and started to pee. Now, it’s dark and his eyes weren’t adjusted to the night, but… he saw a white patch and aimed for it. He was peeing away when he realized that the white patch moved. Figuring it was the pee making it move, he just kept peeing. About this time, his eyes adjusted and he realized that it wasn’t a piece of paper, but the SKUNK! He was peeing on it’s stripy little head!

Dan finished, zipped up, called the dog and ran into the house in record time. I came into the back part of the house to see what was wrong, and there’s Dan standing rather stiffly, eyes wide. I asked him what was wrong and he told me what had just happened. When he got to the point about peeing on the skunk, we both started laughing.

About ten minutes later, Dan walked to the back door, opened it slightly and shouted out to the yard, “And that’s what you get for disturbing a good night’s sleep!” in the general direction of where the skunk had been. As he walked back in, he looked at me laughing and then got this worried look on his face. Can you guess what he asked me?

“You aren’t going to blog about this are you?” he asked. I just smiled… Mwahahahahahaah!!!!

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