Of being cold and having colds

Or how I hacked my way through most of December so far.

I went up to Cheyenne on December 5th. Time with Dan, the grandboys and running around Cheyenne. It was fun. Right up until they shared their cold. First with Dan, who was sick the entire time I was up there, and then with me. I’ll blame Dan as well for my cold. I came back to Walsenburg on the 10th and was miserable. And no, not just because Dan stayed in Cheyenne. I had the cold. Ugh.

I managed the board meeting on Tuesday, and then crawled in bed until yesterday. Ugh.

I came home to 4 inches of snow on the 10th. That was the first moisture since early October. It is still far too dry, and if we are lucky, we are suppose to have snow tonight. In the mean time, the wind is cold. Brrrr!

Life in general has been a bit up in the air. We realized in July that our business was about to expire. No clients. No one wanting their computer repaired. The reason is that the most common computer down here is the smart phone. They don’t repair them, they just toss and replace them. So, we’ve had no work. this has caused a rather radical change in our thinking and plans. We started and  to look around and realized that we would have to move. We began to look around. Colorado Springs, Pueblo, Denver and even Loveland. Nothing. Or, at least nothing that would last. Then my oldest son asked us to come up to Cheyenne for a weekend. We did and were surprised at how much Cheyenne had “grown up. Dan decided that come October, that he’d start looking for work up there. That’s why we’ve been running up and down I-25.

While Dan has been in Cheyenne, I’ve been slowly sorting and packing up the house. Dan is still looking for work. He’s had a few good interviews and we are hoping that the last one he had will be “the one’. We hope in the new year to be up in Cheyenne. I’ll keep you posted.

A Dry and Warm December

So far, the weather has been dry. Oh so dry. In fact, I think the last time we had any moisture was in the first part of October. By now, we’ve usually had at least two or three snowstorms and a few flurries. The peaks have only had a dusting as well.

Well, the month of November was crowded to say the least. After the quiet weekend after my birthday we were up and down the road to Cheyenne twice. Then my Dad hurt his back and we did a trip to Las Cruces with my parents. We did have a good time in spite of Dad being in pain. It was very good to see Toni, Karl  and their son Kristopher. Karl took us on a few short tours around Las Cruces and we visited the Farm and Ranch Museum where my Aunt Toni is the curator. 🙂 It is a very nice museum. Of course, we ate too much, drank a bit much and had a really good visit.

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When we got home, it was time to take Dan back up to Cheyenne. I visited for a few days and then came home to catch up on laundry, housework and all that kind of thing. I’m heading back up on Wednesday. It should be an interesting week.