A Question…

I realized that I am eating up my media allowance something fierce. I have a few choices. Stop posting pictures. (okay, stop laughing!) Split the SCA stuff off of the main blog. That only slows down the storage issue, and does not fix it. Pay WordPress for more storage at a rate of about $8.25 a month. Or, pay .99 for a domain and then transfer the contents and host on our own server.

My big worry is that I will lose all my pictures that I have posted, and so the transfer will take ages. Then of course working things out so that people know where I’ve gone. I’ve got about 188 followers at the moment.

Thoughts? Ideas? If you like my blog, and read it, Please give me some feedback!

Flaming June!

Well, at least my hair feels like it is on fire. The first weeks have been crazy!

At the house, we have been fine tuning bits and pieces. Where do we hang this pic? Why doesn’t this door close well? What is that in the rose bush? (two trees) Make a trellis for said rose bush. Find a couch… replace the couch… organize this, that and a few other bits. Plus, we’ve actually been working here! You have no idea of how great a feeling it is to have someplace to work without interruptions! We’ve been trying to spend at least one night a week here as well.

At my mom’s we planted the big garden. Same size as last year, but a few new additions. We are trying eggplant, two new squash and potatoes. πŸ™‚ Plus, the layout is a bit different.

Then there is our um… social life. I am taking two SCA classes. Beledi dance (belly dancing) and bobbin lace. Both classes are in Pueblo, so we have to make sure that everyone gets fed before we leave and that we have all of our gear. It’s a bit daunting at times, but oh it is fun!

And… there is the regular stuff. Housework, cleaning the yard at 203, and meetings! School board, DAAC, the Wellness committee, Celtic Music Fest, etc. It’s enough to make me want to run away. Or, at least lock all the doors at least once a week.

And Now…. the heat.

Am I going to complain? NO. We’ve had some lovely rain, and right now it is trying to rain, even though it isn’t hitting the ground. We are working on getting use to Celsius temperature readings, so my atomic clock says that it is now 33C outside. (about 92F) A little warm, but much nicer than -12C. (10F)

On Mother’s Day we did a bunch of gardening. Keep in mind that our yard is Still a construction site. I just get more bits and pieces piling up. On Sunday, we made a tire garden out front on the steps to block access. Before you think I’m crazy, you need to understand that those stairs slant Downhill! They are a danger. So, we are blocking them and adding new steps to the side where everyone walks already. The first two pieces of wood are in place and the steps will be finished in the next week. We plan to add terracing and more herbs out front as well.

In the back, we fixed a piece of fencing with a piece of the old gate. It isn’t a perfect fit, but looks like it has been there a while. We opened up the rest of the gate area which will help the lilac bush.

Then we started building the potting bench. It’s an old cupboard that we’ve attached a door to that will eventually be painted and have a roof. Right now, it works well. On top of that, we repurposed a chunk of old gutter. We’ve attached it to the fence, filled it with dirt and planted lettuce seeds and onion seeds in it.

In the back, where we moved the old tin fence 90 degrees, we have built a raised bed. I added some paving Β bricks and will be building a second raised bed to the south of that. Once we got that done, we fell into our chairs and collapsed. It was a great, long busy day.

Here are the pictures… Citronella on the front porch. The bulls head planter, green tire with mint, stairs, raised beds, and potting bench.

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November ???

I swear that this month has flown. Don’t know if it has anything to do with the fact that I’ve been driving up and down I-25 between here and Cheyenne, but damn!

We recovered from all the company, meetings, odd ball jobs and then we started going up to Wyoming to visit Erin. We also sat up all night watching the elections. That was very interesting. It will be interesting too, to see how things work out in the next few months.

We had a WorkForce conference in Canon City. I got to visit my friend Jude and her little farm full of geese, ducks, chickens, and goats. She had two of the cutest baby goats. One was angora and so soft! The last day of the conference was also my 53rd birthday. I had lunch with my friend Jacque at this neat bakery in Florence. It had macaroons to die for. Omg! Then we drove home and pretended we didn’t exist for the whole weekend. It was lovely.

My parents are going to Las Cruces for Thanksgiving at my Aunty Tony’s house. We get to watch the cat, Zoe. Wheee… Otherwise, I’m making Green Chile for dinner. I hate turkey. Morgan is going to her mom’s for Tday, so it will be just Dan and I.

I’m doing NaNoWriMo. I’m a bit behind. Tonight I plan to see how many words I can write between 6 and 10pm. Hopefully a few thousand. I’m writing a story about colonizing Mars.


Quiet at last

… for at least a little while. Erin came by to visit with Natalie on Thursday. We had pizza and chatted until he had to get back to his truck around 9pm. Friday we went to Pueblo. We took Natalie to Bingo Burger for dinner and then we looked around in various shops for a light coat for me. No luck. Finally around 9:30pm, we took Natalie to the bus station and saw her off to Austin Texas. After a quick stop for a drink, we drove to La Junta and picked up Morgan. She had a meeting in Colorado Springs the next morning. We got in late, up early and headed out.

The meeting was a People to People meeting about a trip to Australia. Morgan was really excited about this, but as the meeting wore on, it was apparent to us that Morgan had ‘out grown’ what People to People could offer. That jump in maturity has sent her straight out of PtP’s league. So, it was a rather sad trio that drove home. We are now thinking of just raising the money for Morgan to go visit Natalie in Oxford.

To take the edge off, we went to the Citadel Mall and got Greek gyros for lunch. Yum! Then we did the great coat hunt for me again. In the end, we gave up and I bought a pattern and material for a coat. I’ll be making that this week. (hopefully). We drove home and after a bit of dinner, headed to bed.

We slept in for the first time in nearly 8 weeks! It was glorious!!! We got up, pottered about and then after watching the Space x launch, had a bit of dinner and then drove Morgan back to La Junta. It was a nice ride home, as we watched rabbits zip across the highway. We also talked a bit about my project for NaNoWriMo. (National Novel Writing Month) I’ve decided to give it a try again. Last time my computer died. We talked about the plot, some characters and where I’d like things to go. We discussed just how much I was going to have to pick his brain too. πŸ™‚

Today, it was back to the grind. A much quieter house now that the girls are gone, but good to be back to a more ‘normal’ (?) schedule.

Paganism in the news

CNN had a good article about Paganism on the Internet yesterday. It was nice to see such an even handed article. Yesterday of course was Halloween, and like many, we celebrated with our family and the rest of the little goblins in town. I dressed up for work.I had two wee Viking lads visit me and demand candy else they’d raid my basket of sweets.

Of course I gave in and deposited candy in their sacks. πŸ™‚

Dan and I will be having a more traditional celebration on November 7th, which is the cross quarter day. This site is great for marking your calendar. This next two weeks will be busy. Election day today, Samhain, my first school board meeting, my birthday, a trip to Denver for a State Youth Council meeting and Dan has two days of work lighting the high school play. Wheeee!

Oh, and it is suppose to snow again tonight. We had our first real snow storm and we got about 14 inches. It was a wet sloppy snow, and the moisture was much appreciated.

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She came to visit! Her mom and stepdad are in town visiting family and we got to visit with Anabell for about 5 hours.

We made tortillas, burritos and then I made a carob mayonnaise cake. Morgan and Anabell put mint chips and carob chips in the cake as well. It was heavenly. After dinner, we watched Tangled. Plus I gave Anabell some of my dolls. A Navajo doll, some worry dolls, and a big porcelain doll from England that has red hair. Oh, and I found a book for her. She was in heaven.

Then today, Dan sent me a picture… he was teasing me the other day about having to rip out some of my knitting, which is called tink-ing. πŸ™‚ (knit backwards) I laughed!

Life is a bit slow at the moment. We are trying to get the house cleaned up and ready for some major construction work. That includes the Wendy House as well. Do I have the energy? Nope! Not today. I’m a slug. Hmmm….. maybe that noneuclidean sweater ate my ‘get up and go’.

Oh, and today is Erin’s 29th birthday.

Yet another catch up post on life in ‘Burg!

I have to admit that I am so tired of computer problems. Hard drive failure, mother board fritz, change operating system, do it again, swap computers with Morgan… Argh!!!!!!!!!!!!! I am still having freezes, loss of data-three pages of a story- and other issues. Right now, I am working off of Dan’s computer yet again. pout. I really don’t need the extra stress in my life.

On another note, I have most of my possessions from the other house. John has been fairly decent about things. I think once he realized I was serious and what I wanted was not to cut everything down the middle, it has gone well. (knock on wood) I have a few books left to pick up and the three big items of furniture will stay there until they can replace them or I can pick them up. (a bed, dresser and coffee table) Otherwise, the rest is here with me. πŸ™‚ I spent part of last week moving stuff when I wasn’t fighting my computer. Now I’m just trying to find a place to put all of it in this house.

Last week was busy in other ways. Last Saturday, Dan discovered that most of the supports under the front porch had fallen. So, we drove to Pueblo and bought the lumber we needed to shore up the porch. We also had to pull everything off of the front porch to lighten the load. It made the whole house look like it was under construction. Sunday was prop up the porch day. Dan and Ian worked most of the day. I stayed in the main part of the house and tried not to flinch when the jack dropped or I heard cussing coming from under the porch. We will be rebuilding the porch in the next year or two. Dan was really hurting by the time they finished as he worked the jack most of the time. Once they were done, I got to start putting my sewing room back together. We also worked on the front yard, by moving rocks, raking and digging until it looked less like a pile of weeds.

Monday…. the week started like we never had a weekend. Morgan had volleyball games, I worked and on Wednesday the Tannahill Weavers played at La Plaza. Dan and I did the lights. It was a great concert, and I think I have my hearing back by now. We were right under the speakers and in front of the bag pipe player. Oh that was loud. πŸ˜› Then on Friday,we headed to Alamosa for a WorkForce meeting. William Beverly went with us and we had a good afternoon. Lots of conversation and a nice late lunch at Cavillo’s.Saturday I worked and then collapsed in the afternoon. πŸ™‚ Sunday Dan and I both slept in for the first time in a few weeks.

The plans for the next two weeks are plumbing, oiling the floors, and cutting down the other tree in the front yard. It is dying and we could use the firewood. Once Dan gets paid for some of the jobs he’s done of late, we will be working on the cars and hopefully getting a new computer for me. Until then, I will work on his computer.

What a crazy day!

We tried to sleep in! Then Brandy wanted our attention. We got ready for a leisurely day… hahahahahahaha!!! Silly us.

Apparently the phone rang at nine. We didn’t know. At 10am, Erin rang to see if we could help Morgan move. I said yes, and started to get ready to go down and help. Hahahahaha. I checked the phone because it said we’d missed a call. The restaurant had called. Karen needed me to bake.

So, I showered and headed to work. Made bread, two coconut cream pies and did a lot of people ‘mopping up’. A refrigerator blew a coil or something and died. So, everyone was a bit frantic. Ooooooommm……. Lots of smiles, backrubs, grounding and other energy work along with the cooking. Phew! Ate lunch and finally got home around 3pm. Took a brief rest and tried to catch up on all the other calls I’d missed.

Meanwhile, when I was gone, Barbara Yule called with computer issues, and my Dad came by. He had pictures for the La Plaza Inn website for Dan.

I made arrangements with Pauline to pick up her washer and dryer and then called John to meet us at the house Morgan and Erin were renting. By 5pm, I finally had everyone in place. Wooohooo!!!! After that, I picked up some stuff that I’m taking to Stefan and Bryan in Arkansas. Gads those books are heavy.

Now to go do some sewing. I have jeans to hem for $$ and then I have two dresses to sew for the trip. Wheee…. If I am lucky, the only things I will have tomorrow will be a Huefano County Cat Coalition meeting and then helping Morgan and Erin pack. sigh….

Someday, Sun day

Well, it was suppose to be my day off. However, Karen called around 10pm to see if I could come in to bake bread on Sunday morning. They had a good night at the restaurant, and had gone through 7 of the 8 loaves I’d baked. I said yes.

So, I woke this morning to cool cloudy skies. It was so cool, that I had to shut the door to the kitchen to get the bread to raise! It rained. The peaks were shrouded in these very cool cloud strands. I baked bread and came home. Whee….

However, I didn’t get the stuff done that I wanted to. There were too many people in the house, and I couldn’t concentrate on school work. So, Dan and I took a drive. Daniel had been nice enough to let me borrow his car, so we drove up to Cuchara and had lunch at the Dog Bar. Yum!!! It wasn’t a long drive or a long lunch, but it was good enough to refresh me.

Dan had a gig to go to in La Veta with David Enke tonight, so Ian and Morgan went with him. Ian will go hang out with friends and Morgan will help her Dad. They dropped Kayla off at 203, so I’d have time to get my school work done without interruption. Kayla has been staying with us since the 16th, which is a long time. Her parents are picking her up around 11pm! Gads. I don’t understand why they are coming down so late.

I have all my school work done now and can relax a bit. Wheeeeeee!!!!! All I need to get done now is a skirt or two for work and some dinner. Maybe a story written too. I have this idea in my head…