Harvest gems

One of the things that got left behind when we went to Battlemoor was harvesting the garden. Mom watered, but that was about it. So, we have spent the last few days gathering ripe tomatoes, green beans and squash. There will be more to come, but at least the great squash explosion has slowed down. The cherry tomato riot is being tackled daily. I picked 20 last night.

I worked in the garden this morning. I did a lot of weeding and harvesting. This is what I brought in.

I’m freezing some things and will be making tomato chutney. Plums are next on the harvest list. The tree is so heavy that the limbs have bent. The frustrating part for me is that most of my canning stuff is in storage, including the jars. sigh…

Getting back to normal

Or, whatever that is!

Monday we unpacked. We moved the TVLH into the garage and while I worked on sorting clothes, dishes and other bits, Dan worked on paperwork and Mark 2 of the TVLH. (yes, ideas were burning up his brain!) I did a lot of computer work as well. All those pics! Oh, and I wrote an article for the newspaper.

Tuesday I did laundry, put clean dishes away, had a Celtic Music Fest and a School Board meeting. At the meeting, it was announced that we don’t have to hold an election. As there were only four candidate petitions, and only four seats open, we are automatically rolled in. 🙂 It saves the district over $10,000. Oh, and I folded more clothes than I thought possible. I swear that they multiplied in the dryer. Wrote a letter to the editor about someone’s bad behavior too!

Today we went to Pueblo and got groceries. This afternoon, I’m taking delivery of the CMF office boxes and harvesting veggies out of the garden. More zucchini to shred!

I’ve also added a few pics. I forgot my bracelets and the forks that Dan made. This evening, I plan to organize all of the crafts stuff. I want to get started on sewing EARLY rather than late. No more finishing a project the night before a war!

The Tiny Viking Longhouse and treasures

Our home away from home worked a treat! Plus, I got to go shopping. 🙂

These are some of the things I bought this year.



Tired and a bit exhausted, but we are home. Battlemoor VI was lovely. Our Tiny Viking Longhouse was a success, and I took lots of pictures. I’ll write more when I have more than a few braincells awake. And… I will be posting pics in groups, like I did last year.

Oh, and Dan will be be doing a build post on the TVLH. Soon.