Gardens, Solstice and Father’s Day

On Thursday, District O.N.E. had a garden project in back of the high school. They got help from a bunch of people attending a music festival called Sonic Bloom. A big four day event up at Humming Bird Ranch, where Battlemoor is also held. Lots of sun, 30-40 workers and lots of work to do. We got some stuff accomplished, but people got distracted.

Then on Saturday, Dan and I worked on the yard. He mowed. I weeded. Together we tackled weeds, trees and a chunk of old pipe. We were really exhausted when we finished.

Today, Solstice, we got up early and headed down to Trinidad, and to Bob & Earl’s, our favourite greasy spoon, for breakfast. then we took a trip out HWY 10. Both were things that Dad loved to do. It was fitting. πŸ™‚


101 years ago, on April 20th, a tense situation between the striking miners and mine owners exploded in an event that became known as the Ludlow Massacre. My great grandparents and their children were in the strike camps. My grandpa Sudar remembers sitting out on a flat car on the rail road tracks waiting for the whole thing to be over. It took four days. During that time, women and children along with a few miners died. This event became a pivotal moment in Union and workers rights issues. If it had not been for Ludlow, child labor laws and other labor reforms would have not happened for many many years. For more information, visit the United Mine Workers of America page on the MassacreΒ or this article.

Each year, we go to the memorial service. This year’s event was held on Sunday, June 7th. It wasn’t a big celebration, but a good one.

Rock Work

We went up into the hills and brought home a load of rocks. πŸ™‚ It was a lot of hard work, but fun. We added rocks to the side garden. Then we hauled rocks to the back yard and we built a Fairy Patio. A place to sit and read, enjoy the quiet, or just bake like a lizard. I’ll be adding plants.