Hunting the elusive LoboSavvy…

We are Finally getting the website online! Wheeeee!!!


Dan is working hard on the engineering side of things like making the buttons and mouse overs while I get to write the text. No, we don’t want Dan’s engineering brain which is thinking more Auf Deutsche then in English to start the “sentences and paragraphs writing!” Not unless we want all the verbs at the end of the sentences. 🙂

Now what to write! Oh yeah…. the IT support company…. You have a problem, we’ll come up with a solution… Or something along those lines. We are working on being a business that supports business from the hardware and software sides. To find solutions that won’t break the bank, etc. If the company is invested in closed source software, we will let them know about open source stuff, etc. We aren’t going to be able to do this very well in Walsenburg, but hope to expand this to Pueblo and Springs.

Now to figure out what to write…. (see Jaye.. see Jaye thump head against desk…)

Meanwhile on the family front… We take my Dad up to Springs tomorrow for surgery. Nothing too invasive. Sort of a roto-rooter job on his bladder. Too much muscle can be a bad thing. We will bring him home on Wednesday.

I’m still looking for work. Put out another resume today. Oh, and I have a few hours worth of work down at Web Coast-to-Coast. Filing for my friend Erin. :> I will probably hit the job fair stuff later in the week to see if there are any secretary jobs. argh….

There are days…

Life flows. You get into habits. Or, you get into bad habits. Comfy habits. Then things change. The job, lifestyle, something.  That Cosmic Clue X 4 swings your way. You try to organize. You try to get life in order so that things just work. Anything to avoid that whiffling noise followed by the resounding crrrrrrack up side the head.

Well, Dan and I have been hearing that whiffle bat headeing our way.  We are both still out of work. Not for lack of trying, but just circumstance. On my part, there must have been a ton of unemployed secretaries  out there because every job I have tried for I have gotten the “nice letter”. sigh. Dan’s computer job in Springs turned out to be a wash. A scam. The company has a habit of courting techs, having them do some “try-out” work and then dumps them under the guise that “things just don’t really work out. The company gets the work done and no one gets paid. Dan was So Very Unhappy about that. At this point, we are probably going for the jobs at Safeway or 7-11, etc. yuck.

Meanwhile, on an upbeat note, we had another meeting with Debora Hood. She is a busiiness solutions consultant that we met at the BBB Power Breakfasts. Very neat lady. She has been helping us figure out how to set up LoboSavvy. (coming soon to your computers….… The Place to go to for Comouter Tech Support for your business or home.)

So, back to getting organized. All last week, everywhere I turned, I was running into articles about cleaning up, organizing, getting your life in line. You name it, the stuff kept popping up. Even in my fortune cookie!!! So, I took the hint and decided that it was time to get our asses in gear.

Do you know how HARD it is to convince someone who is normally very organized that he needs to get organized? Gads!!! However, I had a captive audience yesterday. In our desire to get home Thursday night, we forgot to pick up dog food. Normally, I would just have grabbed any old dog food. However, we have these two dogs that just don’t do well on the low protein stuff. So, it was off to Pueblo for dog food. While we were driving, I brought the subject up. We got a little bit of extra time to talk about it because the car decided to have a snit fit. So, as we sat on the side of the road waiting for it to cool off, we talked about how we need to get organized. Business wise and personally.I think the personal side will be harder than the business.

This means of course that we are starting today. Yarggggggghhh….. I know that I am just as bad, especially about sleeping in, but oh gods the alarm went off early on a Saturday. Plus, this week will not be a typical week as we have my parents to deal with and construction work on the house. Such fun. Closets and drywall and mud oh my!!!

Greenhouses, Gardens and Gagliano’s

It’s been busy this week. Granted, when isn’t it lately?

Dan made it to Colorado Springs safely and did his thing with the Computer Virus people. I worked on my computer and enjoyed the peace and quiet. Saturday we were suppose to have a garden meeting in Gardner. Howver, between the snow, cold and everything else, it got canceled. No big deal, I just went back to working on my computer and ignoring the world.

Erin came by around 3pm. He wanted to talk and finally got around to telling me that I will be a grandma again in December. This is #7. Gads. Dan got home around 4pm and we all talked for a while. John brought me some stuff too and I finally got to work on my computer.

Sunday the CSU extension office had their greenhouse workshop with Cord and Penn Parmenter. Dan and Matt when to it while I worked in the Community Garden sponsored by the Sangre de Christo Volunteers for Change. There were four of us working on the community bed. We shoveled dirt, alpaca manure and more dirt into the 4x30ft bed. I decided where I wanted my bed too. 🙂 Matt and Dan were still involved with the workshop, so I ran some errands before I picked them up. Once they were done, we dropped Matt off and ran up to Colorado City for some groceries at the Valley Market. Little, but good buys on stuff, especially the meat department. As we were walking around, we saw the candles we normally put on the altar. They had yellow and blue ones. I asked Dan what he wanted. “Just yellow. Don’t need any for protection… we have shotguns…” Which made us giggle and then invent a new “You must be a Red Neck Pagan if….”

***Bad Taste Warning***

You must be a Red Neck Pagan if you have no use for Blue protection candles, because that’s what shotguns are for!

*** Now to return you to the more “serious” blog***

Monday after I took munchkin Morgan to Badito, John and I went to Pueblo for the household shopping. First stop, Gagliano’s, this little Italian deli that my mom and dad showed me. Oh my….. Lick the walls droolable. In fact, I told John if he drooled, he’d have to sit outside. He almost didn’t make it.

Gagliano's Deli
Gagliano's Deli

We got sausages, olives, cheese, coffee, artichokes and bread. Best part is that I get to go there again in the morning with my mom and Dan. Wheeeee!

Afterwards we went to Romero’s Cafe for lunch. This is a fantastic little place. Robert Romero is a chile cook off winner and my parent’s friend. Good food!! Had avocado and pork burritos.

Then it was off to do the shopping. Sam’s Club, Vitamin Cottage and Walmart. Nothing exciting, but necessary groceries for the starving Huerfano’s. We got lots of greens for Beth which made her happy. However, the stuff out of Gagliano’s sent her flying too.

Today I was suppose to get all sorts of stuff done. However, I think that I went out sleepwalking last night. Went to bed early, but oh it was rough waking up. Felt like I’ve been asleep all day. Yawn….. I did take a nap, but.. other than a few errands and collecting info for the history articles for the Journal, I’ve gotten bloody sod all done.

Think I’ll go cook dinner.

fLaSh-KabOOm!- Snow???

Yes, that was how my morning started. A flash of lightning that I thought was the bedroom light being turned on followed by a boom of thunder that told me the storm cell was right overhead. I got to one-thousan- before it shook the house. Popped out of bed to see the rain and saw snow coming down instead. The thunder and lightning went on for at least 25 minutes. Never got past three on my count. Just glad that the computers were off!

After I got out of the bath, I went to let the dogs out. It was snowing so hard that I couldn’t see the back fence! Not a happy thing as Dan was due to head to Springs today for another meeting about this virus. argh… It was snowing harder by the time he left. 9am. He didn’t want to get stuck, and i understand although it makes me worry about the driving. Not his, other people’s.

This morning settled down, and now after about two inches of snow, it is grappling/snowing/raining ever so slightly.  The dogs aren’t happy about staying in, but I am not going to deal with mud pies! Other than the occasional bit of dog noise, the house is very quiet. I figure that I will read and work on my computer. Wheeee!!!

Power Breakfasts and Snowflakes

If I had to characterize the last ten days it would snow, sun, snow, power breakfasts and snow. It has snowed almost every other day. Some of it wet and slushy, others of it freezing cold and icy shards. Then the next day it would be 65 degrees! Gads!!! On Easter Sunday, we woke to snow falling. In fact, it snowed for 12-13 hours. And yes, it was gone the next day.

I had the grandpuppy over to play. He weighs about 20 pounds now.

Spike and Blanca on the couch
Spike and Blanca on the couchKids in the kitchen

On Thursday, we went up to Pueblo and attended the BBB Power Breakfast. We got to see a different business and see a friend we hadn’t seen in a few months. Debora Hood. We had a great time talking to her and Zella and then we met Debora again at Barnes & Noble where we talked for nearly 3 hours. It was great. We talked business, kids, and employers.

Saturday and Suday we tried to do the stay at home and relax thing. Didn’t work too well. Lots of running around.

Monday, we re-arranged the office area again. I cooked a big breakfast for Dan, Matt and I. Moving the furniture totally confused the dogs. Also ran to Pueblo for dog food.

Yesterday, we picked up little Morgan and went to Pizza Hut for dinner. She had one of those book-it coupons.

Today we took my mom to Pueblo so she could do her shopping. Dad is still having trouble with muscle spasms, so he didn’t want to drive.  She picked us up at 8:30am and off we went. It was a really good day, and we finished it off by eating lunch at Romeros. Yummmm!

After we got home, Dan went off to pick up little Morgan and I puttered around on my computer. Erin, Morgan and Logan came by to visit. Logan ate enough gingersnaps to stuff a small ursine.

Logan and Morgan
Logan and Morgan

They left, I made dinner and Erin showed back up to talk to Dan. As he got ready to leave, we saw the deer! They are half a block away!!

Deer on the Corner!!
Deer on the Corner!!

We figure that this is the same herd we saw yesterday up at the high school. So Cool! Not more than 15 minutes later, they were on the front lawn, causing the dogs to go nuts. It was too dark for our cameras to get photos. Drat!

And the Brides wore Red and Black!!!

This event deserved it’s own post.

A friend of mine named Jessie and her significant other Tiffany got married today. I’ve known Jessie for years, and she fell head over heels for Tiffany a few years ago. They decided to hell with the rest of the world and have a pagan handfasting.

So, the wedding was today in Gardner. We were suppose to be there by 4pm, when the wedding/handfasting was suppose to start. However, you have to understand that Gardner runs on something called Gardner time. Sort of like Pagan time. John, Beth and I got there at 3:55pm. Everyone was running around like stoned chickens. 🙂 This was a B.Y.O.B. party. Now, I am not sure whether that was bring your own bottle or bong.  Some of the people there were spliffy enough to give you a contact high just saying hello. 🙂 It was interesting in that I knew more people than either John or Beth. Sort of fun to play the social butterfly. Ginny was there with Nadia, so I got to play with my granddaughter. An hour later, the handfasting started.

Jessie wore a red gothy dress complete with hoop skirt and black lace at the bottom. Black tennies with sparkly red laces. B&W tights with skulls on them. Her hair was bright burgandy and spiky. Very nice. Tiffany had most of her head shaved except for a thin mohawk straight down the center, also dyed red. She had on red “bondage pants.” The kind that have buckles, straps and chains all over them and the legs are about 2ft wide. Her shirt was black and the tie was red. Over it all, she had this fantastic frock coat. Also covered in buckles and chains to immitate lace. The tails were a good 3ft longer than she was tall. Really cool that the “groom” had the train and not the bride.

The priestess used a standard Wiccan ritual. She wrapped their hands in various colored cords and then pronounced them handfasted. Very sweet and you could tell that Jessie and Tiffany were over the moon. This was followed by lots of food and a cake. The decoration on top of the cake was a gate in the tradition of the Adamms Family. Complete with bats on top. Black and red roses, etc. Very goth. Very J&T.  They had the first dance complete with everyone at the party and then we had to head home as it had started to snow.

What a change from Monica and George’s wedding in the Catholic church a year ago. We certainly wouldn’t have had to explain any of this to Morgan had she been with us! Nice to wear the pentacles out too. Nadia had lots of fun playing with mine. In and out of my shirt, giggling away. She’s only 18 months old.

Home by 7pm. I came over to 520 to check on the dogs and Dan was already in bed. He had been up all night. So, I’ll find out how his job interview went tomorrow.

La Vida Pueblo

What a week. I think that I spent most of it in Pueblo. Not on purpose, but every time I turned around, we were heading up the road.

Tuesday after Dan got stuff done in town, mainly resigning from the Chamber of Commerce board, we headed to Pueblo. He had people to meet dealing with Pre-paid legal. We had lunch at Ruby Buffet and I went to Hobby Lobby. I found some cool yarn. Then we had to go over to the hotel where the Pre-Paid Legal meeting was. Found out that we had a few minutes to spare, so we headed over to Barnes and Nobel instead. I bought a book on Open Office. A sort of difinitive “how to” book. Then it was off to the meeting. Lots of “feel good” sales talk and lots of “go team go” stuff. Tolerable as Dan is starting to do the whole PPL stuff. We got home around midnight and headed straight to bed because we had a 7am meeting in Pueblo West.

5am came too damn early. However, the traffic at HWY 50 at 6:45am was more than we could cope with and so we missed the meeting. Had a nice breakfast and then went to Sam’s Club for tires. My poor little car needed new wheels to go vroooomm! Started home and then turned around on a hunch that Dan had. We went to see our favourite hippes down at the 29th St. garage. It is this huge car junk yard and the men who run it look like the Greatful Dead band members. Not that we’d ever say that to their faces. However, they are so sweet and so cool at at the same time. We asked them if they had a gas tank for my neon. They said yes. So, we asked them to fix mine. We went for a walk to see what other parts were available for my car. When we got back, the taller hippy asked if we wanted the tank replaced or just fixed. He had found the real problem!!! Not that we could have seen it without the car being on a lift. Dan and I took about 30 seconds to tell him to fix it. Wheee! 45 minutes and $75 later, my gas leak was fixed. We were happy!

We got home, took a nap and woke up to SNOW!!! A good 5 inches.

Thursday, we were suppose to get lots of stuff done that we hadn’t the rest of the week. Daniel came over with Spike, the puppy and wanted us to take him to Pueblo to buy a truck. Now, we knew that he couldn’t afford a truck nor had the credit. There was no telling him that though. So, we took care of the dogs and headed to Pueblo again.  Daniel fell in love with a truck that was not in the best of mechanical shape. Pretty on the outside, but that is about it. He got mad at us for pointing out the obvious. However, after looking lots of other places, we went back and let him try to finance it. He has no credit history, and therefore needed a cosigner. None of us could do it. Just not enough credit. So, he was peeved, upset etc. However, there is no way he’d have listened to us tell him this. He had to learn the hard way.

We took him to dinner at Ruby Buffet, and let him look at all the pretty Chinese waitresses. Then he went clothes shopping. My Gods that boy has expensive tastes. However, he does dress nicely. We got home late again.

Friday, up early as Dan had to leave for Colorado Springs and a job interview. I helped him get ready and cut his hair. Oh, and trimmed up the beard too. Sent him out the door and then went to Pueblo with John to do the grocery shopping. We did all the regular stuff, and I got a new pair of clunk around shoes as my tennies  had died. Oh! I also found a pair of high heels that didn’t make me feel like a poodle walking on two legs or in fear of breaking my ankles!!! I bought them because I will need a pair of heels come the Library Opening. Flat heeled penny loafers just don’t cut it with an evening dress. John got a new pair of dress pants and a silk shirt too. We got home fairly early, but then again, I had to get up early to go see to the dogs at 520.

7am came really early. I showered and then headed over to 520. Let the dogs out, fed them and then started to clean house. They had shredded the sheep, so there was stuffing all over. I swept, vacuumed and mopped. Finished just in time to head out for our afternoon.

More about that in the next post.!!!