It snowed on the 25th. Lots of it, and very cold. A white christmas and a white yule. Wow. Wednesday, I went and ran errands, and dealt with the harsh white light on the snow. Or so I thought. Went to bed that night with a bit of a headache, but didn’t think it was much of one. Didn’t even take any aspirin. (dumb!)

Woke up Thursday morning and felt horrid. Sort of that spin around too much kind of ill. Realized I was moaning more than talking and the next thing I knew, I had aspirin and water in my hand. Took it and went back to sleep. Woke up every time the phone rang or the door opened. I was light sensitive and noise sensitive. Uggghh…  Woke later to the smell of food. Dan had brought me ramen noodles and tea. I could barely hold my spoon. I think it took me an hour to eat. Baddddd Migraine. Slept some more, had more aspirin, more tea and then finally around dark, I had dinner. Soup and a grilled cheese sandwich. Then of course I slept some more. Finally around 11pm, I began to feel human. Gingerly read my book for about 45 minutes. I think that was the slowest I’ve read in probably 35 years. Went back to bed and slept till 10am.

This is the first migraine in a long time that has nailed me that hard. Today I still feel a bit washed out. I have been on the computer a bit, but won’t stay on long. I am finding it hard on the eyes. And if them that hold the aspirin find out, that will be the end of my journaling and computer use for the day. Better go while I am still allowed out of bed. sigh…

Winter Solstice!

    Gads, it has been ages since I wrote last. It has been a busy week or two. Lots of stuff done for Yule and prezzies wrapped at the last minute. Plus, Beth bought lamb for Yule dinner and therefore we had roast lamb! (more on that later)

Friday morning, (21st) we got up at the crack of dawn. I had my drum, and the kids had pots and pans. Dan had his elk call and John his drum. We all stood at the window facing east and just before sunrise, we started our usual cacophony of noise to wake up the sun.  Once we had felt that the sun was truly awake, we settled down in the living room with prezzies to open and sausage rolls and cookies to eat. I had made tons of sausage rolls the night before.  We took turns opening prezzies and Dan took lots of photos. Beth did as well, but I don’t have copies of those yet. Here is a link to the Yule pics.

There were lots of lovely prezzies. I got two new bags that I can use as yarn project bags, a new book, stickers, a keychain and candy. :> The funniest thing was all the cups. Dan got three, John two and Beth one. The year of the coffee cup!

Afterwards, John and Beth had to go to work. Blah…. Then again, we just thought we might have a chance to rest when Dan and I also got called to work. One of our clients had their server crash. What a cluster that was. The person who had previously set up the server didn’t know his arse from his elbow. It took us 2.5 hours to fix things. sigh….

Then I went home and started working on dinner. Roast lamb, savoury pumpkin/potato soup, green beans and home made pecan pie for dessert. It was heavenly! When Dan got back from another job, (installing the NOC box at the hotel), we sat and watched the latest Harry Potter movie. It was good.

Woke up the next morning to new snow on the ground. Pretty good for the first day of winter. I greeted the sun privately, then went back to bed for a bit. Got up, made breakfast and then John and I headed out to run some errands. We stopped at Edla’s Yarn’s first and while I originally went in to just get a set of size 8 double pointed needles, I ended up adding some bulky yarn in two colors as well as some very fine sock yarn to my pile. :>

Then it was off to see Damon. I had a pecan pie that I made for him and Pauline. We visited with him for about two hours and then we stopped at Safeway for dog food and some soda. I dropped him off at the house and went over to the office for a little bit. Yeah! Mostly head time to just have some peace and quiet as Dan and Karen were out doing work on the hotel site. I got home a few hours later and knitted a bit before bed.

Sunday I slept in and then took some books and DVD’s over to Damon and Pauline. Also a birthday card for Pauline. After a lovely visit, I went over to 520 to check on Dan. When I had come by earlier, I had discovered that he was ill with a migraine. Still walking around trying to do things, but I stopped that. Put him to bed and took his shoes. When I came back around 5pm, he was still asleep. He finally woke around 5:45pm feeling better. A good thing too, as Karen wanted to take us to dinner and talk business. We went to the Rambler where the enchiladas are very good. Got a lot accomplished. When I got home, I knitted while watching a program on JFK and then Lincoln.

Woke up late this morning and hit the ground running. Shower, breakfast and then laundry. Gads it piled up! I swear that people hide it and then dump it down the chute just as I think I’m done. grrrrr….. Did a bunch of ironing and finished Dan’s second pair of sleep pants. Started on some repairs between laundry loads and even started some spaghetti sauce.

Got the sauce to the simmer point and then headed over to the office for the duration of the Bronco game. The guys don’t like me to even be in the same house when they are playing. Think I’m a jinx. ah well….

Sewage and ice and shopping oh my!

What a day… (Saturday) The sewer blocked up again. So, Dan and I headed off to La Veta Tru Value to rent the sewage snake yet again. Gaggggggg! I guess I aught to be grateful that Dan knows how to work the damn thing and actually does it. Two hours later, the laundry room was clean and the sewer was draining properly.

Then we had to drive back to La Veta. The wind was blowing the snow all across the highway and it was slick! Everywhere it looked like water on the road was in fact ice! We stopped and got Dan something to eat as he was exhausted from working the snake. It took forever to go and come back.

Once we got back, we took turns showering and then I headed to Pueblo with John and Daniel. It’s our usual payday shopping trip. Granted, it was a little crowded with Daniel in the back. We did part of the shopping and then went to dinner at Taco Bell. After that we did the last of the shopping at Walmart. Daniel got Logan some little slippers and two shirts. They are really cute. We got home around midnight. Unpacked everything and tried to get it all put away. Sort of hard as there were dishes everywhere. They had forgotten to put dish soap on the list, so of course…. no one could do dishes. sigh… I remedied that this morning with a quick trip to Safeway. What a combo. Trashbags, dish soap and cat food. Wheee….

Today, it is still cold here, but compared to the last few days it is a heat wave. A whole 35 degrees! Snow is melting, pipes thawing and lots of drippy mess that will all turn to ice about fifteen minutes after sundown. Ah well…

So far today, I’ve done laundry, gone shopping, “gone to work” at 520, cleaned up a kitchen, done some dishes and edited two articles for the Huerfano Journal. Oh, and proof-read the website for Dan. Now to wrap a few gifts and do up a Yule Letter. Oh, and write Yule cards. Wheee……

Flying lessons

    Well, nearly. Today we had to go down to the Huerfano Journal and move the banner sign that we mounted to the wall. We were suppose to put it on the north side of the building, but it was way too cold and windy. We parked the bucket truck up against the curb as tight as we could and then we started to try and take the sign down. The wind buffeted Dan all over the place and when he started to hand down the banner, the wind caught it and whipped it all over the place. I caught it and held on for dear life as the wind picked it and me up! I could feel myself sliding back and forth on the ice. I grabbed the corner of the building and held tight.  Dan took out the last screw that was holding the banner and then I worked my way into the building. I felt like I was part of a mime performance! Brian Orr and I rolled up the banner and then I went back out and helped Dan bring down the banner frame. Once we got that in place, we decided that we would wait for a much less windy day to do that part of the job. Have to admit that I didn’t envy the canopy people who had to do their work later in the day. We did drive by and see the finished job. The canopy is beautiful.

After that job, we headed to Aguilar where we shoveled snow out of the NOC building that we will be putting the network services equipment in for Aguilar. There is no glass in the window, so the snow blew in. Then we went to see Carl. He is one of our older customers and although a sweet man, he loves to visit. Granted, when he and Dan get together, they talk for hours. We had a short visit today though as we had to go pick up the kids. With the wind, ice and snow blowing, Dan didn’t want me driving.

We grabbed lunch at A&W and then headed out to pick up the kids. The normal 17 minute trip took 35 minutes. A harried 35 minutes on icey roads with heavy winds. I was very glad that Dan was driving. It took about the same amount of time to drive home.  We took Little Morgan to the Family Dollar so that she could get her Yule gift for her secret pal at school. I got Matt a pair of polar fleece gloves for $2. He’s been borrowing L.Morgan’s extra pair.

Tonight I am reading through Acceptable Use Policies for RBT. Yawn….. Maybe I’ll just give up for the night. The office is a balmy 54 and it’s 9 outside with 20 mph winds. Brrrr!

8 Degrees…

    Not of seperation, but of temperature~! It’s bloody cold today. We have a grand total of about 8 inches of snow and although it has stopped, nothing is melting because it is so cold! My car is parked at the moment because the snow is deeper than the bottom of my car. I was ‘plowing’ the snow just to park. My office is a balmy 52!

My plans for later tonight are knitting and curling up with a good book under lots of blankets.  I laugh too at all the layers I’m wearing. We are so getting a better heating system in the office as soon as possible!

Meanwhile, I’m getting the urge to climb back into my writing. I have so much other stuff to do, but I want to finish my stories. Awwwgh! I also have all these projects to finish! I need a clone!

Brrr! ~~~Phewwwww~~~ Brrr!!!

    It is 55 degrees in my office. Bloody cold! We got about 8 inches of snow the other day and it has yet to warm up. Granted, it is suppose to snow more tonight. Brrr!!! I know we need the moisture, but oh my for better heating.

We also dealt with a skunk yesterday. Yeah, the one under the house at 520 Penn. I was only suppose to be over there briefly to grab a few things when Dan realized that the trap had been sprung and we had a skunk. So, we started trying to deal with it and it of course sprayed. Luckily, we had put a black trashbag around the trap and most of the spray hit the bag. Dan got a bit of it, and the rest went into the air. We loaded the skunk up in the truck and headed out of town to let it go. We didn’t want to kill it. Well, it sprayed again while in the truck. Phewwww!!! We let it go and then headed home to the house on Walsen. Dan and I both had to shower as we stank. I washed all the clothes and coats as well as gloves and hats. Ugghh….. We bombed the truck with air freshener and left the hatch open. Hopefully, it will de-skunk soon.

Meanwhile, I made an awesome pot of lentil soup and homemade drop biscuits. Ate way too much! I got some knitting done and even some sewing done over the weekend. Sleep pants for some at Yule. :> Hopefully a new hot water bottle cover too.

This morning, Dan and I took the kids to school. He was worried about the road. I was rather relieved to let him drive. Then we spent the day trying to sort out a huge delivery from UPS.  When it was time to pick up the kids, Dan decided to drive again. I was so happy he did as we had car problems. One of the spark plugs came loose and was causing the car to run really rough. We pulled over and Dan checked things out while I called John to go pick up the kids. He did while we took the car slowly back to Burg. We got to NAPA  in time and bought a new spark plug and a tool to put it in. Brrrroooomm! Started up just fine.  We took it for a bit of a test drive and then came home. Dan will tighten the spark plug down in a bit and then I will head home for the night. Brrrrr!!!

Tempset Fugit!

    Must be the wind or something, because every time I think I have five minutes to sit down and write, ***POOF*** it’s gone.  We’ve been trying to gear up for the T-1 coming into Aguilar for the WISP. Lots of antennas, computer bits and the like all arriving on the doorstep.  Trying to keep up with the paperwork is a bit daunting too. I have one big pile of receipts to deal with and I keep avoiding it. (sigh)

It’s also heading into the holiday season, and I am just not with it this year. Most things I think of that people want, they need now. Not it two-three weeks. Like Little Morgan. We took her to the drs. yesterday and then to the Mall in Pueblo. She needed a couple of pairs of jeans. Now, I could have gotten them without her knowing and not given them to her until Yule, but… she needs them now! Same way with the pair of sleep pants I made Dan. I have to re-hem them, but… I didn’t see the logic in making him wait.

I have stuff for Big Morgan, Erin, Logan, Little Morgan and that is about it. Stymied on the rest of the clan.  sigh…. Guess I’ll go looking on Friday when Dan and I head to the Springs. My mom’s fabric is in and we need to pick it up.

It snowed on the peaks and it looke beautiful this morning. Smelled nice too. Living in a desert, you notice the smell of moisture so acutely. We also had deer in the yard the other morning. Dan got pictures.

Deer next door!

We have also been dealing with a skunk under the house. Dan went under to do some wiring and came up so fast you’d have thought he was shot from a cannon.  He came almost nose to nose with a big skunk. We called Animal control and checked out a trap. So far the skunk is smart enough to leave it alone. sigh..

I’ve been working on knitting too when I have a chance. One sock to go before Yule. Hope I make it. Been reading some good books too. A Lick of Frost by L. K. Hamilton, and am working on Hood by Lawless. Very good. I have two more on hold at the library and am trying to find time to read. In fact, that’s what I really want to do today instead of working. Oh well…

Windy Saturday!

    Woke up this morning to the wind blowing so hard that the windows were rattling. It was still o-dark-thirty in the morning, so I tried to rollover and go back to sleep. Nope! It wasn’t going to happen. I swear that ten seconds after I closed my eyes again, the USB starting beeping because we had lost power. It went off about fifteen minutes later when the power came back on and then went off again very quickly. This time it seemed like forever before the power came back on. So, I’ve been awake ever since.

I also realized that I’m not sure where this week went. Yes, I took the kids to school, did laundry, cleaned house, worked at the office, etc,.. but where did the time go? About the only thing I really have to show for progress is that my office is a bit tidier and I finished the latest Laurel K. Hamilton book. Very good and as always, leaves me hungry for the next one. OH well…..

I still have to decide whether to head to Pueblo today to shop. hmmm…..