I should have known it would be one of those days. After the long hot day in Pueblo, I never really cooled off. Nor did I sleep very well last night. It didn’t help that at one point, that the puppy and Tosoto decided to have a fight on my side of the bed. LIterally over the top of me. I still don’t see how I got away without a zillion scratches.

7am, the alarm went off. I had a meeting to go to. Stratigic Planning Committee. The only thing that stood between me and being at that meeting by 9am was the beginnings of the headache from hell. The alarm was too loud. The room to bright. Oh, and standing up to get any aspirin was just so out of the question. Luckily, pitty was taken on me. Aspirin and water appeared and I went back to sleep till 8:15am. At that point, I had the headache down to a dull roar.

Normally, I would have just blown off the meeting. However, we have been trying to get this District Strategic Plan done since February. So, off I went. Dan had to bring me my glasses that I forgot. Headache head =’s no brain. We got some stuff done, but by 2pm, it was clear that we were all ready to just call it a day. We will tackle this monster on June 23rd.

Came home and took a nap. By 6pm the headache was better, but still not gone. I’ve just taken it easy. I think I’ll take my cup of tea and head off to bed.

Frustrating Friday

Today we went to Pueblo for the payday shopping. It was Dan and I this time as he had car parts to return. My heart wasn’t into the trip. It was hot and I was distracted. Why? Because we are having problems with the business. Financial problems. We’ve tried to get Karen and Carlos to understand what is happening and feel like we are hitting our heads on a brick wall.

I”m not sure what is going to happen. Granted, if things go tits up, I’ll have plenty of time to sew and write again.

Erin, Morgan and Logan came for dinner. Neither Dan or I were very hungry. Now we are listening to Eddie Izzard while Erin and Dan clean up the office. I will reorganize mine tomorrow.

Granted, I think I will sleep late tomorrow. Pull my pillow over my head and just stay in bed as long as I dare. I’m scared/nervous/upset/frustrated/angry and tired all at once.

What a day!

It started out good. I got three loads of laundry done and a shower. Even got to work on time. That’s when things started to go wonky.

I have been trying to back up the info on my computer. Can I get it done? NO! Why? Because my USB hub keeps acting up. So, I had to take my laptop off of my port and do everything directly. Still didn’t get everything copied, but will deal with that tomorrow. Oh well…

Pauline came by for a visit. She needed computer time which was fine. Plus, she is going to kidnap me on Thursday. That way while she works at the house I can have a long visit with her. Dan will be gone to Alamosa, so Karen may have to watch the office. Wheee….

Plus, I stepped on a nail. I have a small hole in my left foot. Need to get a tetanus shot. Argh…  On top of everything else, my mooncyle started the cramps from hell. So, tonight I am curling up with my book and ignoring the world!

Memorial Day

This holiday usually denotes the beginning of the Summer Holiday Silly Season. It is finally warm, and most kids are out of school or will be shortly. People are hauling out camping gear, vacation clothing and for some the last of their Income Tax refund for a holiday.

For me today it is simply a quiet day around the house. I’m still feeling a bit off color. I got woke up this morning by lawn mowers, and the phone. I tried to ignore it for at least 30 minutes before I finally got up. I’m going to just take it easy today. I can’t afford to go on a trip or anything. So, I’ll go on a trip in my head. :> I’m going to curl up with a book and enjoy the warmth of the day.

Not exactly sure it’s May!

Why? Well, maybe because when we went to Gardner yesterday to pick up the kids report cards, It SNOWED! It was cool and rainy when we went up to Gardner and by the time we got there, half the raindrops were actually snowflakes. Brrr!

After we got the kids stuff, a tourist walked into the school. Female and about 5 months pregnant. She and her husband were lost. They had followed GPS and had been told that Mosca Pass was drivable. OMG’s! It isn’t drivable!!!! Medano Pass is with a hefty 4WD, but Mosca is a horse or foot trail. So, they were trying to get directions on how to get to the Sand Dunes. Julia, the principal was trying to give the woman directions to Pass Creek which will lead them to HWY 160 and eventually the Sand Dunes. Dan was also standing right there and said that we’d show them the turn as it isn’t very clear if you don’t know the area.

So, we got in the truck and started out. As they were following us, I mentioned to Dan that the weather was getting worse the higher we went and perhaps we aught to just have them follow us all the way over the pass. He agreed, because as we both know, the road is dirt, has lots of odd twists and at this time of year can be dry, snowpacked, muddy, slushy and down right soaked because the creek has jumped it’s banks. By the time we got half way down the road, it was snowing really steadily. We stopped at the junction of Pass Creek road and 160, and the couple thanked us for leading them. We wished them a nice weekend and then drove over La Veta pass to get home. It was a nice drive and we got to do something nice for two lost people.

Oh, and the kids did really well on their report cards!

Today has been a slow day. Slept in a bit, and then just puttered around. Dan isn’t feeling 100%, and neither am I. So far, my biggest effort has been to do two loads of laundry. I think I’ll write a bit more on Digitally Challenged and then curl up with my book.


Yes, Matt graduated the 8th Grade today. He survived Nancy’s class for two years. I’m so proud of him.

Matt outside at Gardner School

It was a bit windy by the time I took his picture. 🙂 However, it was a great day. Started out with a 6am haircut followed by a half day of school. At noon, Dan, Beth and I drove up to Gardner for a roast beef dinner. 🙂 All the parents are invited for lunch. The ceremony started at 1pm. All eight kids marched in as their 1st and 2nd grade reading buddies showered them with confetti. They were the honor guard. Then each student gave a speech. Some were literally “hello, thanks, mumble, mumble, goodbye. Others were very well written. Nancy Moore, their teacher was tearful, as this was her very last class. She is retiring. Kyla McCain did an iMovie with the kids and each one had a 2 minute section on just them. It showed the camera following the around on different days and it gave everyone a “feel” for each kid. It was really nice and each kid got a copy. After everyone spoke, Julia handed out awards and then Nancy handed out the diplomas. They all filed out to the reception. I know that I was glad to get off that hard bench! At Gardner, it’s traditional for the parents of the kids to bring stuff to share at the reception. Beth made brownies. There was also a cake and punch provided by the school. It was nice and we all got to mingle with people we hadn’t seen in a while. Dan and Beth left early as Dan had to head to Aguilar. I took the kids a bit later and we were all home by 3pm.

For me, it was back to the office and an attempt to find some information on DSL in Colorado. Ha! Decided at 6pm to call a halt to the day.

Tomorrow is the last day of school. Huzzah! I have to go pay bills, have lunch with my parents who got here on Tuesday, and do a fw other things as well as attack that DSL list again. Wheee….

I also get to research what part I need to fix my little red car. Dan and I thought that the new coil pack would do the trick. Well, it did part of it. However, halfway to picking up Matt yesterday it died. Right about the 12 mile marker on the way to Badito. The only good thing about the whole mess was that it died in a spot that still had cell phone signal. Normally, there is no signal on that road in may places. It started to pour rain just as Dan got to me. We swapped vehicles and I drove the truck while he took the car. He was speeding in an effort to keep the engine cool as well as get as far as he could before it died. Normally it isn’t a problem as there are never any sheriffs on the road. However, he got clocked going 87mph. I saw the blinking lights as I crested the hill, but didn’t see that it was him until I was almost level with them. I just laughed and pulled in next to him. When the sheriff got done, I hollered over to Dan that he owed me a dollar. That had been the bet. Only he said that I’d be the first one to get a ticket. Lucky for Dan, the sheriff was very nice and only ticketed him for 84 mph which is a lesser fine. It pays to be polite. I’m still laughing! The sheriff laughed because of the bet too! Maybe that’s why Dan got the lesser fine!

Just another Manic Monday.

I feel wiped out, and it’s only 3:30pm. It’s the last week of school and between a big case of the f*ckits and general chaos, I’m looking forward to the weekend already. sigh… Can I take a nap? Oh wait,… Already did that.

Friday night, we had that business meeting. It went pretty well, and we ended up going to Pizza Hut for dinner. Erin picked up Logan and Morgan, so it was sort of a family event as well. I even found something I could eat other than chicken wings! There are days being lactose intolerant is such a pain in the ass. After the meeting, Dan and Erin went on a business visit while I read.

Saturday wasn’t too bad. We got to sleep in till nearly 9am. Wow! No crisis’s, no drama. Just yard work and general clean up. Matt and Morgan did a really good job on the back yard at 520. Now if we can just keep the dogs next door from destroying the fence line. The only real problem was that I didn’t feel good. Nothing to pinpoint, just general “uck” and drained feeling. I even fell asleep trying to watch a bit of Babylon 5.

Sunday I got to sleep in again! Huzzah! Then it was off to Pueblo for the payday shopping trip. John and I hit all the regular spots. Money was tight so shopping was lighter. Except for the dog food! 40 pounds of the stuff! Plus, 15 pounds of puppy food for Brandy.

We got it all done including a 15 minute stop at Barnes and Noble so I could read the missing three pages from my book. (the Other Boleyn Girl) Felt daft doing it, but dammit! I didn’t want to miss out on the book. We got home in time for me to do a ton of laundry. Where did it all come from? Gads! I didn’t get to bed until after midnight. Oddest yet was that it was HOT still at midnight. Summer has arrived! Suppose to be in the 80’s all week. It also made it hard to get to sleep. I’ve been so use to snuggling under quilts that I felt naked with just sheets.

Which is why it was so hard to get up this morning. Yawn…. Since picking up the kids, I’ve been to a meeting and am now catching up on the last of the blog stuff. Oh yeah, and another “chapter” to go write on Digitally Challenged!

Friday afternoon!

I am finally getting caught up! Yesterday all I had time for was a quick post just before I went to bed. However, yesterday was a very full day.

First off, it snowed again which made it very cold. Found out later that places like Cuchara got nearly 10 inches of snow. Brrrr! On the 15th of May no less!

Plus, around 5am, Stella started having kittens. By around 7am, she had four little tabbies and one black kitten. She looks to be a very good mom. :> Oh, and Beth was ill with some sort of stomach bug which caused havoc for her. I took her some gatorades and crackers while Dan headed to Aguilar for two jobs. I did some banking and then headed out to pick up Matt and Morgan who went on an all school rollerskating trip to Pueblo. They had a lot of fun in spite of the cold. I brought them back to the office because Beth was sick. They were going to spend the night here.

While we waited for Dan to get home, Erin, Morgan and Logan showed up. With a bit of convincing, they went to the store and I made steak and potato pie for dinner. Half way through cooking, Dan got home. He’d forgotten a part and had to come back here for it.

We ate and cleaned up just in time for Dan to get home. He was too tired to eat so I saved his share for lunch. Around 9:30pm, Erin and family headed home.  Morgan and Matt went to bed and Dan and I finally had a little time to work out some things for today. Oh, and I wrote the first episode of Digitally Challenged.

This morning at 9am, my sister Pauline showed up. She had just come from a job interview and needed a cuppa tea to relax. We all chatted and then I went with her to her house and picked up chairs and a desk. Daniel was suppose to go with her out to Mike’s to unload the bus, but friends of his kidnapped him to buck bales of hay. Pauline left about 30 minutes before they got here. I gave them directions and out they went. With three young men, it only took an hour to move everything. I even got two more chairs out of the deal. 🙂 Wow! We now have places to sit that aren’t desk chairs.

We are suppose to have a business meeting in about 15 minutes. Erin, Karen, Carlos, Dan and I. A first! 🙂

I also took pictures of our furbaby. Brandywine came home today from training. Wheeee!

Brandy surprises Dan with a kiss

Brandy and Morgan in the garden

More later!


I’ve done it at last! Set up a new blog page and started the story that has been in my head for months. Now to see if this works. I feel giddy! is my new blog and latest interactive writing work. Hope people read it and enjoy the story as it unfolds. Hope I can keep it going!

Can I go home now? Oh wait….

I’m already there. It has been a busy week.  The office still looks like a tornado hit it. Or, was it just a small grandson. Hmm… could be both.

Sunday was Mother’s Day.  Daniel and John wished me Happy Mum’s day. Stefan had called me the night before since he had work and wasn’t sure he’d have time to call.  I slept in a bit, then had to get up and start working on various projects. Laundry being the biggest. Does it ever end??? I came back upstairs and was going to cook some breakfast. That’s when I realized that there wasn’t a clean dish in sight. Nope! Not even going to do dishes on Mom’s day. So, I headed over to the office and started to dig it out. Ha! Dan needed to check out some stuff, and asked if I’d go with him. So, I packed up my book and off we went.

There is a tower nearby that we are thinking of buying for the business. While he was inspecting it, he saw a crow’s nest. Dan got some really good pictures of the babies.

Crow babies

Hungry babies!

I made him promise them some worms if he goes out there again. They were so sure he was a big crow! At least I got a wee bit of time by myself. On the way back, we stopped by and visited my mom to see how the work was going. It was nearly done, but Jimmer and Bill still had the back porch floor to do.

Monday was one of those hazy days. I was doing stuff, but didn’t seem like I got anything done. I was suppose to have a meeting of the Stragic Planning committee, but there were only three of us. I chatted with Chuck and Maria and then headed home.

Tuesday was hell on wheels. We woke up to cold and damp weather that just got worse as the day went on.  I took the kids to school, showered, took my mom to Trinidad to catch the train, drove home and went straight to a meeting for the Celtic Music Festival in September. Barbara Yule, the coordinator of the festival is trying to connect Huerfano County and Scotland through the common links of coal and mining for this year. I’m part of a group who are going to be telling stories and working the family histories of the area into the festival. I think it will be a lot of fun. I’ll probably work my arse off too, but that’s alright. I get to hear lots of good Celtic music.

I no sooner got back from that meeting than we were off to my mom’s to pick up her laundry, the roses she got for Mother’s day and the food out of her refrigerator.  Dan and I barely got stuff done when it was time t to head up to Gardner.  We found the weekly agenda for the school and discovered it was Academic Fair Night. Oh, and a school board meeting afterwards. Chuck wanted us to be there for support. The school board is messing around with his contract. grrrrrrr!

The Academic Fair was brilliant. We got to see all the kids work. Poetry, pottery, collages, all sorts of writing, wood work and more. The school board meeting was a bit of a write off. They tabled the section dealing with Chuck’s contract. Not a smart thing to do. Methinks heads will roll. On the way home, we could see that there was snow up on the mountains. It was very cold!

Afterwards, we dropped the kids home and Dan and I went to go check out some of the network equipment. When we got out of the car, we could see snowflakes in the headlights. Brrrrrr!!

We finally headed to bed around midnight, and I had to get up to put an extra blanket on the bed!

This morning started out fairly calm. I stepped out the door to the most beautiful sight! Snow on the Spanish Peaks! In May no less!

Frosted Peaks!

I got more pictures as I drove out to Badito. Daniel was outside waiting for me this morning, so I dropped him off and got to the office early. Dan was still asleep. Oh well… I got a cup of tea and started trying to make sense of my desk. hahahahaha!!! Foiled again! Carlos our business partner showed up, the phone rang off the wall and just as I tried again to work on the mess it was time to go to Pueblo.

We headed up for a new microwave, toner for Dan’s printer, a few groceries and car parts for my car. Managed everything except the car parts. They will be shipped to us as the parts dealer messed up the order and had to redo it. grrrr…..

We got back to Badito just in time to pick up the kids and head home. I made steak pot pie for dinner. Very good! Tomorrow the kids go to Pueblo for an all school roller skating party. 🙂 Wheee….

Maybe, just maybe I’ll get something done!