Well, sort of. There were two ladder back chairs that had blown out seats left in the back yard. I rescued them. I had planned to use rushes or sea grass to redo the seats. After watching several videos, I decided that it was not for me. I looked for other ways to repair the seats and came across this website. Thank you “First A Dream”! The chairs were wonderful, and I loved the idea of using fabric! So… I did.

Below you will find my pictures and the process to weave new chair seats. It takes about an hour to do a chair. I used my fingers to weave the fabric, although a large flat needle might be helpful if you use more strips.

The fabric should be about 2-2.5 inches wide and about 45 inches long. You need enough to have enough fabric to tie off each strip. I used 26 strips for each chair.  Figure on each strip covering about 1/2 to 3/4 of an inch of chair frame.

As you tie each strip, move it into place. This will scrunch each strip. Make certain that you have the right side of the fabric out. Once you have the strips in place, adjust them, and make certain you have staggered the knots. Don’t put them too close to the edge of the chair.

Start weaving from the top side of the chair. Make sure to keep your pattern if you have one. Once you have all the strips in place, turn the chair over and start to weave the bottom. Make certain that you go over the bar of the seat. Once you have woven a strip, knot it tightly. When all the knots have been tied, trim and then tuck them under as best you can. Some will not tuck under as easily as others. If you have too many knots too close together, they will not tuck well. Practice would improve this.

Here are my finished chairs. I used some of the same fabrics on both chairs. They are very comfortable to sit on and best of all… I can do it again when the fabric gets worn out.