Gads, you’d think I’d done something grand… like won a prize or been awarded an Oscar. No, I just finally got some sewing done! I’ve had some stuff in the mending/finish pile for months. Specifically, two of John’s waistcoats. I either have no time to start or just can’t think on how to work on them or anything else. Then there was the horridness of not having a clear space to work. I finally got my sewing area which everyone calls Area 51 clean. They call it that because it is full of UFO’s… (Un Finished Objects)

 Area 51

Area 51 part 2

So, I had no excuse not to sew… urk..

Last night when I got home, I threw dinner together, tossed laundry in the washer and dryer and then after we ate, I went down to Area 51. First off, I got a corset cut out for Morgan (my D-I-L). Did some more laundry and then finished the repairs on John’s tan and green waistcoat. Shuffled more laundry and started working on his black and red waistcoat. It’s only been awaiting buttons for 3 years. However, I decided it needed finished. Tonight I will finish up the button loops. Biggest thing that has stopped me of course was the fact that it is reversible.

My parents arrived today as well, to make things just that much more complicated. They came to do more work on the house. Tomorrow, Mom and I are headed to Pueblo to buy material for curtains. Wheee…. More Sewing!

One thought on “Achievement!!!!

  1. I so relate! My sewing area is also my work area for my work at home job, which often covers every surface. I have to be between jobs or between parts of a job to have space…then finding the time! I’ve been sewing in 15 minute intervals. Whip out my machine, sew a bit, then put it away and move on. Almost finished my Thanksgiving stuffed turkey, which was a cheater panel from Walmart. Sewed and stuffed his body yesterday, today will be the head and wings, then tomorrow can put the head and wings on him (this part is hand sewing and something I can do before bed!)

    I still have repair work to do too…..

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