8 Degrees…

    Not of seperation, but of temperature~! It’s bloody cold today. We have a grand total of about 8 inches of snow and although it has stopped, nothing is melting because it is so cold! My car is parked at the moment because the snow is deeper than the bottom of my car. I was ‘plowing’ the snow just to park. My office is a balmy 52!

My plans for later tonight are knitting and curling up with a good book under lots of blankets.  I laugh too at all the layers I’m wearing. We are so getting a better heating system in the office as soon as possible!

Meanwhile, I’m getting the urge to climb back into my writing. I have so much other stuff to do, but I want to finish my stories. Awwwgh! I also have all these projects to finish! I need a clone!

2 thoughts on “8 Degrees…

  1. I fell away from writing when I got sick last month. I am re-committing to start again on the 22nd, in teh meantime I’m doing some workshoppy stuff from “Write is A Verb”
    I LOVE to write, I just need to FINISH something. I know that will help my confidence and help me keep motivated.
    I will be trying a short story this time.

  2. I am planning to write more after Yule. By then I will have all of the smaller projects done that are taking up time. I really want to finish Sheeple. Plus, I have about 3 other things in the mental queue that are just shouting to get out.

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