At long last, I have finished a major bit of writing. I started this story, Sheeple, about 2 years and 3 offices ago. It took over my life for a brief bit, and I actually had time to let it do so. Granted, it shoved another story, SweetWater, to one side, but… This one had a bit more Ummph behind it. Ok, a real shove via my Muse. I wrote a ton of pages and then hit a resounding halt. Life got in the way and I didn’t write on it for nearly 5-6 months. I started to edit it and work on it a bit more and then life intruded again. However, last week I got tired of that Muse of mine hammering my brainpan. Dan had also dropped a not so subtle hint or two that he’d like to see the finished story. I can understand that as I used him as “technical adviser” a time or six.

However, I knew it had to finish soon. The hardest part about writing isn’t the idea, or dialog. It’s rounding up all the characters and making them shut up long enough to bring the story to a close. Or, at least to the end of the first volume.  I know I could have written 15-20 more chapters of Sheeple, but that isn’t where the story was. This ending is short and sweet. It wraps it up and tucks it in nice and neatly, which is where the first chapter tried to contain it. Now, if I write Sheeple II, I may elaborate more. I don’t know. However, the story is finished. Huzzah! Now once Dan finishes giggling and drooling on the keyboard, we will tidy up any little edits and call it done. What I do after that, I’m not sure. Part of me wants to just share it with friends. Other bits of me wants to find a way to publish it. I’ll see where I am in a bit.

The other thing that I have finally (?) finished is this bout with the flu. I have been sick for a week. Today is the first time I have gotten dressed since I got sick. Gads! Dan is still rather phlegmmy, but I think he is on the mend as well. Regardless of that though, we have to get back to work. I turned the phones on for the first time and was hit with a barrage of calls. We also have one appointment today. Between the phone and that, I’ve cleaned up the bedroom a bit so that it is loosing that sick room smell, changed sheets and have dumped the dirty laundry. I’m going to have a ton of it. Oh well.

Another bit of good news is that I have a story up on Literotica. Fruit Salad. :> Teeheehee! I doubt that the Muse will let me rest, so….  on to SweetWater!

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