What a week, and it isn’t even over yet. Sunday night I was leaving the office and had just gotten to my car when I felt like someone was looking at me. I looked over the hood of my car and straight into the eyes of a six point buck! He and his buddy, another 6 pointer, were standing on the side of my car like I was suppose to let them in! I opened my door and they just slowly walked off!

I also got a bit of knitting done Sunday night. I made a kitty pie. This is a knitted and felted cat bed that is pie shaped. Very cool, and it is up on my Ravelry account in the projects section.

Monday morning it was so icy and foggy that I could barely see 100 yards ahead of me on the way to school with the kids. Good thing I was going slow, as there were 3 elk cows in the middle of the highway! Gads! They were each bigger than my car!  Tuesday morning was also icy, but there was only one elk by the side of the road. This afternoon there was a deer on the road by the house that I had to wait for. She crossed and then I headed off to get the kids.

We also got hacked at the office this week. It sparked a story that I am writing in blog style. Don’t know where I’ll post it. Maybe here when it’s done.

I also took Daniel over with Oscar to Karen’s house. We re-introduced the two dogs, Oscar and Stormy and saw how they got along. Karen is going to train Oscar to be a better dog. Yeah!

Well, I’m off to bed to read my book! Dates from Hell!

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