What a week!

    Oh my what a week! Here it is Saturday, and this is the first time I have had time to write.  Monday was busy with business. Tuesday my parents came in to town to work on their house on Cedar.

Wednesday was a full day. Took the kids to school and stopped by the office for a few minutes. Then off to Pueblo with my mom to do some shopping. We got curtain rods and bits and bobs for my house. Socks for Matt and Morgan, some groceries and then had a nice lunch at Applebee’s. Drove home in time to drop Mom off and then went to go pick up the kids.

After I got the kids, we went to Andy’s for dinner as the Science fair was on at 5pm. In the mean time, Dan had driven Beth to Denver so that she could take a plane to Vermont. I was a bit peeved, because I wasn’t sure he would get  back in time for the science fair. However, he drove like a speed demon, and got there in time to see the kids, their projects and enjoy the company of some of the parents. We headed home and then got some stuff done around the office.

Thursday, I got some work done at the office, and then my Mom, Daniel and I headed to Trinidad. Daniel had to go to his college class and Mom and I went shopping. We had lunch at Mission at the Bell first. Oh yummm! We got the stuff at Walmart and then picked up Daniel. Luckily, I didn’t have to pick up the kids, because they had a spelling bee and were dropped off in town. For dinner, we had a working meeting at Alys’. Dan treated us this time. Lovely lamb! Oh, and the fig upside down cake was heavenly.

Friday, We worked in the office and my parents headed home to the Grand Canyon. I had a headache, and got stuffed in bed for most of the afternoon. Today we were suppose to have builders come and finish up the door at 520. So far, they are 4 hours late, and we don’t feel that they will show at all. Oh well… Not that I am too concerned as it looks like it is going to snow. Dan got an ax and chopped up some of the deadfall from the wind storm last month.  The rest of the day, we are going to work on tiding up the office. aieeee!!!

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