What a day!

It started out good. I got three loads of laundry done and a shower. Even got to work on time. That’s when things started to go wonky.

I have been trying to back up the info on my computer. Can I get it done? NO! Why? Because my USB hub keeps acting up. So, I had to take my laptop off of my port and do everything directly. Still didn’t get everything copied, but will deal with that tomorrow. Oh well…

Pauline came by for a visit. She needed computer time which was fine. Plus, she is going to kidnap me on Thursday. That way while she works at the house I can have a long visit with her. Dan will be gone to Alamosa, so Karen may have to watch the office. Wheee….

Plus, I stepped on a nail. I have a small hole in my left foot. Need to get a tetanus shot. Argh…  On top of everything else, my mooncyle started the cramps from hell. So, tonight I am curling up with my book and ignoring the world!

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