Pueblo and back again, a Geeks Tale

Well, it was. We drove up to Pueblo and our first stop was Wintronics. Dan needed to price stuff for a bid. This is our “local” hobby shop for all things electronic/geeky/techy . If you want Cat5, Keystones, cable ends, cutting tools, Klein tools, etc., they have it. Plus, the atmosphere is nice. Bottled water when you step in the door, and often food. Imagine a small cafe with computer electronic bits and you have this place.

After Wintronics, we went to ReXel. In comparison, this is the bare bones warehouse. Not a wide selection, but not as friendly either. Dan got his information and then we headed to Parkview Hospital to see Carl. I had forgotten how convoluted that hospital was. It would do the Winchester House proud! We finally found Carl. He was “indisposed”, so we drove over to Taco Bell for dinner. We talked and nibbled our way through dinner. Lots of ideas for 520 and some computer things. We headed back to Parkview and Carl was still unable to have visitors.

We headed off to the local car parts shop. Our license plate was doing its best to fall off. After that, we went to Home Depot to check some things out. We stayed longer than we had planned because a cloudburst worthy of flash floods thundered down. We’d have been soaked in 10 seconds. So, we looked around a bit more. Finally had more pamphlets than a 10ft tree and our closet pole.

This time when we got back to Parkview, there was this pink car right in front of us. It had a pink interior and Tinkerbell on the hood. Across the windshield was “powered by pixie dust“. I like Tinkerbell, but that was just wayyyy too much!

Carl was happy to see us. He is worried, in pain and just scared. Dan was doing the magic whammies on him again. We visited for probably an hour and then headed home. More laundry, then bedtime. Yawwwn….

Today I am going to catch up on all my computer stuff. Hopefully, I’ll even have a chance to write on a couple of stories. Dan is off today with Karen. She royally buggered up the network in Aguilar. I figure he’ll be lucky to be home by 9pm. Oh well.


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