Foggy, foggy Tuesday

This morning, the clouds were at the 6000ft level. Walsenburg is at the 6185ft level. So, we were fogged in! Not that cold damp kind of fog, but the cotton candy whispy stuff. The sun was trying to peep through the clouds with rose coloured rays. It was a very pleasant drive taking Munchkin Morgan to the bus stop. Keep in mind that this is a rural Colorado bus stop. Morgan goes to school up in Gardner, Colorado because the school is very very good. So, we have a 16 mile trip out to the bus stop.

These photos were taken last October, and the place is a little greener due to all the rains this last couple of weeks.

Looking towards the east
Looking towards the east

However, as we drove into the bus stop, there were tendrils of fog everywhere. What light came through was rose tinted. My trip home was not as beautiful as the sun had begun to burn off the clouds.

Today was also my second day of work at the Huerfano Chamber of Commerce. I got hired as the secretary on Monday. It’s partime work at the moment. However, I worked there as a volunteer 11 years ago. It is going to be very interesting. It also pays $9 an hour!!!! Wheee!!!

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