Election Day

This has been an interesting election season. Lots of stupid stuff, tons of really heartbreaking moments. Living in Colorado, it has been interesting. There has been a heavy dose of candidate attention especially from the Obama campaign. The picture in the Sunday edition of the Pueblo Chieftain was amazing.

CHIEFTAIN PHOTO/JOHN JAQUES -- Sen. Barack Obama addresses the crowd lining Pueblo's Union Avenue on Saturday.
CHIEFTAIN PHOTO/JOHN JAQUES -- Sen. Barack Obama addresses the crowd lining Pueblo

For me, this election was about the local issues as much as the Presidential election. Growing up with Martin Luther King, and in adulthood, Nelson Mandela, I have never been one to let the colour of someone’s skin be an issue. It’s the issues the candidates stand for that are important. I voted for Obama, because I feel he holds a clearer view of what this country needs in the next four years. Something that was made more clear to me as I spoke to Daniel this morning.

I was awoken at 8:45am by Daniel who was on his way to vote for the very first time. He was worried about choices. Obama, McCain, or no one. Should he vote, should he just vote for local issues. As he walked to the poles, we talked. I told him where I stood on local issues. What I was voting for, and who I was voting for. To me, party lines don’t mean much. It is the person who is important.

When he got nearer the poles, he said he understood which issues that hadn’t gotten national coverage were important. He was also still uncertain about who to vote for for President. He’d heard a lot of stuff from friends. Some of it good, some of it bad. Trying to explain dirty campaign tricks over a cell phone is difficult. Daniel is so “in the moment” that he doesn’t see the long view whereby people want to subvert the mind of the voter via misleading adverts and interviews. So, this made it difficult for him to understand what was truth and what was lies. I did my best to clarify some misconceptions.  I told him that in the end, it is his choice. We ended the call and I called the high school to let him know that Daniel would be late because he was voting. Gee…. the secretary was fine with that!

About 30 minutes later, he called back. He’d voted for Obama. Not because I wanted him to, or that his grandma who urged him to register to vote wanted him to, but because when he thought about it, Obama was the right man. Obama and his campaign had made enough of an impact on an 18yo who normally thinks no farther than the next day. Gives me hope for a lot of things.

Now of course, we are watching the election information roll in. It’s 9:15pm, and Obama has 306 electoral college votes. What a moment in history.

2 thoughts on “Election Day

  1. That was really cool. I had some of the same conversations with Jorel. Granted he has voted several times now we still talk over the issues, as we all do in this house but still respect each others choices.

    Adams parents are having a cow that they can no longer control the voting choices off all their off spring. Adam never voted because of the pressure to follow family lines. Now he votes as he chooses and they hate it.

    Jorel had a rude awakening today though from his backwards father. He told his father that he was going to vote today and asked if his father was going to do the same. He was met with a horrible response, “I am not going to put a (N word) in office, I am a democrat, so I will just not vote at all. Now thats brains for you. Jorel was totally shocked his dad was so racist.

    We voted for Obama. I pray they can keep him safe to do the things he has talked about doing for the people.

    I already have one north forty friend screaming Palin in 2012. She is Pagan, closet Pagan, so I guess I am shocked. Since she is the mom of Brendans best friend I let him know not to talk politics with either of them. Might not be good for the friendship. I am wondering with her if it is a race issue as well. Sad.

    Yes, we have all seen history made this year with this election. Oldest, first woman vp , first black. Wow!

    I think Obama does hold the best vision for this country and its place in the world for the future.

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