Helping Senior Citizens with heating bills

My parents have a small wood stove in their new house. Every so often, my Dad heads down to the library and picks up newspaper for fire starter.  Well, when he went down today,  all of the Rocky Mt. News and Denver Post papers were gone.

Instead, John gave him a bunch of the newspaper print magazines from the recycling pile.  Now, this is where things get interesting… Why? Because, these magazines were the Out Front magazine put out by the Gay and Lesbian community in Denver for the state of Colorado.

(snicker…. twitter… giggle… )

My Dad took the pile without looking, thanked John and took them home.

I can see it now… My very conservative Dad sitting there getting ready to start a fire and taking his first real look at the papers that John gave him. Then the blushing starts…

I figure that amount of facial blood flow ought to be worth at least 10 degrees temperature rise per fire.  Dad will probably safe a lot of firewood.


What a way to help people with their heating bills!

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