fLaSh-KabOOm!- Snow???

Yes, that was how my morning started. A flash of lightning that I thought was the bedroom light being turned on followed by a boom of thunder that told me the storm cell was right overhead. I got to one-thousan- before it shook the house. Popped out of bed to see the rain and saw snow coming down instead. The thunder and lightning went on for at least 25 minutes. Never got past three on my count. Just glad that the computers were off!

After I got out of the bath, I went to let the dogs out. It was snowing so hard that I couldn’t see the back fence! Not a happy thing as Dan was due to head to Springs today for another meeting about this virus. argh… It was snowing harder by the time he left. 9am. He didn’t want to get stuck, and i understand although it makes me worry about the driving. Not his, other people’s.

This morning settled down, and now after about two inches of snow, it is grappling/snowing/raining ever so slightly.  The dogs aren’t happy about staying in, but I am not going to deal with mud pies! Other than the occasional bit of dog noise, the house is very quiet. I figure that I will read and work on my computer. Wheeee!!!

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