The Shadow knows…..

Well, at 4:30am, our cat Shadow woke me up. She was in labor and wanted MaaaMaaa! So, I put her in her box next to the bed and tried to go back to sleep. Silly me. No sooner did my head hit the pillow, than she was up on the bed. Tried to get her off the bed before there was any mess…. too late. So, Dan got me some towels and we did our best to comfort and midwife Shadow. She’s never had kittens.

The first one was just crowning when she decided that the only place she wanted to be was in my arms…. I almost had her all the way in my arms when “poof” we had a kitten. Next one took a bit. It was breech. Dan helped that one into the world. Third one was fine except for a foot stuck. We figured that was it and Dan went back to sleep. I curled up around Shadow and her three kittens, thinking that after 2.5 hours, that was it. Dan woke me up at 8am, just in time to see that #4 had been born. We put them in her box, and then I curled up on the part of the bed and took a nap.

Shadow and the babies
Shadow and the babies

I woke up at 9:45am to hear Shadow mewing pitifully. She wanted MaaaMaaa! Why? Well, because she had just had #5. So, I moved them all back to the bed and curled around them. Shadow settled down and her five wee black babies tried to figure out how to nurse. Once she drifted off, I got up. We now have 6 all or nearly all black cats. They are Solstice New Moon babies. Haven’t sexed the kittens yet, but they seem to be doing well. They are nested in the super deluxe box on the bed and will move to the floor for bedtime. Now I’m off to wash laundry.


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