There are days I forget I live in the “wild” West. Then there are days that all I can do is laugh about it. Like Wednesday.

I went to a job interview, and sat there listening to various people chat while I waited. Lots of odd conversations. The interview went well, but I won’t hear about the job until next week. After that, I walked over to the Huerfano Journal and picked up my paycheck. I had a good conversation with Gretchen and then headed to the bank and grocery store.

On the way out of the bank, I got passed by this little old cowboy. Very nicely dressed in his “going to town” clothes. Nice shirt, STARCHED jeans, clean straw hat and a natty mustache. He tipped his hat and said howdy as he went by. I headed to Safeway.

In the grocery store, I’m trying to get to the tortillas, but the st0cker is in the way. Tall skinny cowboy, complete with hat, stuffing corn and flour tortillas on a big shelf unit. The only tortillas shelved are those about a foot off the floor and he was in front of them. I’m standing there trying to reach in when he sees me and asks if he can help me. I mention that I need tortillas. He smiles and says “Can I reach them for you?” I shook my head and pointed out that they were nearly at his ankles, and I really just needed for him to move for a moment. He smiled, moved and I got my tortillas. He kept right on talking to me, and I said my goodbyes and went off to get the rest of the groceries.

I got my groceries and headed outside to wait for Dan. I don’t see him and move into the shade. Next thing I know, here comes the little old cowboy with is one small bag of groceries. He tips his hat at me again and says, “Howdy ma’am, I saw you headed over here from the bank. Did you misplace your car?”

“No, I’m waiting for my ride.”

“Oh, Did he furgit you?”

“No, he’s just a bit late.”

“Oh, well, you know, I can give you a ride home. Wouldn’t be a problem.”

No, thank you. Very kind, but he’ll be here in a minute.”

“Well, I’d gladly take ya home. If you change your mind, I’ll be right over there.” he says and slowly heads off across the parking lot to his truck where he stands for about 3 minutes watching me.

I called Dan and told him to hurry up! He asked why, and I said, COWBOYS!. About three minutes later, Dan pulls up and asks what was with the cowboys, and I explained. He laughed all the way home. Said I needed to stop flirting so much!

Since then, I’ve been working hard on school work. I am frustrated by algebra, but I think I am beginning to understand it. Aieeee!!!

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