Rainforests, classes and computers

It has been busy in other ways around here. The Monsoon season kicked in early and is still going strong. I think we have had more rain storms than we did snow storms last winter. Nice, but frustrating when you try to dry laundry.

I’ve been working hard this last month on my math and english comp classes. Math has been a booger trying to remember things I learned 32 years ago. However, in spite of my fears, I am actually getting some of this! Dan put this poster up on my wall behind the computer that reads What yould you attempt if you knew you would succeed? I look at it every day. I admit that there are days when I want to curl up and cry, and others when I just get so frustrated that I walk away from the computer. Last test was a 90% though!!!

Then there is my english class… I am suppose to be in it to learn APA formating, even though it is an english class. However, I am peeved about being in a 101 class and still not learning APA style! Grrrr….. I write for a living!!! sigh….. As it is, I am teaching 3 other students how to write because they don’t get what the teacher is trying to do.

Last Thursday, we got a call that the library had finally gotten their computers from Tech for All. 25 of them. Dan and I went down and started helping Rose Keating, from Tech for All, to set them up, etc. 12 hours later, we still weren’t done. The contract tech worker and Rose went round and round. He choked the network and delayed us on end. Grrrr….. Not happy. However, we are going back today to finish up some stuff. Then, we will be able to have compute classes at the library! Wheeee!!!!

Dan went hiking with Dad yesterday. They had a good time. Half way up one of the Spanish Peaks. They came down because of the rainstorm headed in. On top of the peaks is not a good place to be in a thunderstorm. Mom and I went to lunch at George’s. Yummm.. It has become our date when the guys go hiking.

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