Autumn heading our way

We had the first snow on the peaks about a week ago. Brrrr!!!!


It had been rainy and cold in town, but when the clouds moved off, there was the snow. It made me a bit nervous as we were due to go up into the Upper Huerfano to pick rosehips and such the next day. Luckily for us, it was just cool. We got lots of rosehips and chokecherries. I’m making jelly out of the chokecherries.

Morgan had a birthday on the 10th. She had a volleyball game the day before and I sent cupcakes up for her birthday.

Yesterday was Dan’s birthday. He’s 46 now. LOL…. I tease him and call him Old Man. šŸ™‚

Dan and Morgan
Dan and Morgan

Morgan had a volleyball game yesterday too, and after the game we all went to Taco Bell where the whole team sang Happy Birthday to him. Oh the glow on his face!!!! It was a riot.

Today we went to do some work at the Catholic Church, ran errands around town, went to Morgan’s conferences and found out that she is doing well. Figured out some strategies for her expanding education. šŸ™‚ If she can pull it off, and turn in her work with good grades, they may skip her to the 8th grade mid year. She was very happy about that.

After that, we came home had dinner and called my Dad to wish him happy birthday.

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