Saturday, here in the ‘burg…

Trying to get back into sync with the world.


December went out quickly. Here is Morgan as one of the three kings. She is the one in the purple cloak. It was avery nice production.

Yule was nice. Dan and I had a quiet morning watching the sun come up while sipping our tea.

We did the last of the train performances on the 23rd. Reconnected with an old friend, Caron Bressan. She stayed for dinner and we talked all night. 🙂 She came by another day and once again, we visited for a long time.

December 29th, John called around 10am. Morgan, my DIL had her baby at 9:36am. 8.1 pounds and 19.5 inches long. Ewan Nicholas.

New Year’s Eve, we spent with Caron watching movies, eating and giggling. She finally headed home around 4am.  I think we slept most of New Year’s Day. And of course, I’m trying to get caught up on everything so that when classes start tomorrow I am ready to go. I got to see Ewan for the first time today too. He is a cuddly small armful.

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