Bluebells, cockell shells and sneezes all in a row…

Achooo!!!! I can tell it’s spring when all the little wild violets bloom and I begin to sneeze. However, it was a good day. Nice and warm, and I got to go play in the dirt. After doing some housework, I headed off to the Colorado State Vets Nursing home across from Lathrop park. A bunch of us volunteer to do gardening. We have a small group, and I realized that I get to prune all the roses! Wheee…..  (yeah… just wait til my hands are sore)

After we toured all the garden areas, I came home, grabbed Ian and we ran some errands. I picked up paychecks, did the banking, got my car tags updated, community garden plot checked out, and did some shopping. Cool part is that my spinach from last year had survived and I harvested a shirt full of spinach!!! Then we came home and started working on the front yard. We turned the compost pile, hacked down dead flower stalks, planted irises around my crazy planter and started working on the space I want to turn into a garden.

After that, I made dinner. pork chops, spaghetti and a fresh sauce made with tomatoes, onions and Spinach!!! Oh it was good.

Now I’m a good sort of tired. Granted, tomorrow we will tackle the yard again. After a funeral. 🙁

Our friend Jerry Angely, who was Santa on the Christmas train died. So, we will go tomorrow and then after talking to Barbara Yule about the Celtic Festival it will be time to dig in the dirt some more. The front yard needs LOTS of help.

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