Living in a small town has it’s advantages and disadvantages. Everyone knows one another and lots and lots of people are related. For me, that is Walsenburg. We all know we are interconnected, but just every once in a while, those connections really come to the fore. Like today.

Today was Sig Sporleder’s memorial service. Sig was an Great Uncle through my Grandma Sudar’s side of the family. Sort of convoluted, but it makes Gretchen Orr my cousin. Sig’s obit is available at The Huerfano Journal is my cousin’s newspaper that I write for.

Dan and I were a little late for the service, but not too late. Daniel and his girlfriend were there too. Then we walked down to the community center. I baked focaccia bread. Once we got there, Dan and I do what we do best. We pitched in. I cut bread and Dan helped the ladies get all of the meat out on the table and then we cut limes for the beer. There was a ton of food, and lots ot dirink, both alcoholic and not.

I saw lots of people I hadn’t seen in years. At one end was the food and at the other was a slideshow of Sig’s life. It was great. We finally said our goodbye’s around 4pm. On the way home, I made the comment to Dan that I was related/connected to about half the people there. It was a good feeling.

Now to catch our breath and then get ready for tomorrow’s meeting.

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