It’s Friday!

The B&B was hopping this morning. All 15 guests came down at once for breakfast. I helped Karen plate food and get it served.  Then it was time to bake bread, make pies-coconut cream- and get stuff ready for lunch.  I was out the door, with paycheck in hand by 12:45pm. I normally work about 4 hours. Sort of wish it was more. Then again, unless I’m working the lunch hour, baking only takes about 4 hours. It does leave me time for other things. Plus, I know that the schedules will change again mid August. I’m just happy to have a job!!!!

I’m almost done with my first class at Ashford as well. So far, so good. It was an easy get to know the University style class, which is fine. Next up is statistics. Has me a little nervous.

We’ve been getting the LoboSavvy site updated. Much better than it was. Dan is working on now. That is the sister site to We are still using the paw print, only ADT will have a surround. I’ll post it when we have it up.  I just got a peek at the first page, and it is pretty!!! Probably shouldn’t say pretty, as it is a computer services website, but then  I’m a geek, and seeing techy things is pretty.

Dan gets to update the La Plaza website. We are thinking of asking Dad to take the pictures as he has a better camera and ‘eye’ for these things.

We did some shopping after I got paid, which was a good thing. We needed a few groceries. I’m spending the rest of my day relaxing, doing a bit of laundry and then writing. I have one story half done!!! Plus, two or three more begging to be written. 🙂

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