Dads and Daughters

Yesterday, Dan and I went with my Mom and Dad to Colorado Springs. Dad went to Memorial Hospital for a bladder biopsy. He was nervous and I don’t blame him. He had bladder cancer and this was a checkup to make sure that everything was still gone. One he was all ready, Dan, Mom and I went to get some lunch. Funny bit is that Mom had two older men with white beards hit on her. One even had a Santa Hat on and asked her if she’d been good. Of course, she said. LOL.

Dad got the biopsy done and then we headed home. We stopped at Bingo Burger for dinner. We enjoyed it, but Dad had trouble tasting food, so he and Mom will probably go another time to see if he likes it. Dad was also a bit loopy on the pain meds, but it was okay. We got home around 8pm.

Today was busy. Dan and I went to the County Commissioner’s meeting and Dan introduced himself as the South Central Workforce Chair and gave them an update on what has been going on in Workforce. After that, we got a few things done including a little bit of rearranging in the living room/office area. Then around 5pm, we headed for Gardner. Tonight was their Holiday program. Since there were so many kids/families of different religions, they chose a non-Christmas theme. Instead they celebrated Mexican culture. Lots of kids singing songs in English and Spanish as well as a small play about a fiesta. Morgan was the Iguana who organized everything. It was a riot, especially when she turned and hit her head and then fell over the screen that the stage hands moved too close to her. It looked like part of the play, while it really was a accident. However, she laughed and made it look like it was planned. She has a bump on her head, and that is about it. The whole program was wonderful. Afterwards, we all had cookies and treats that the families brought. John and Beth came up with Logan, so I got to see my grandson. 🙂 He is so like his dad.

We got home around 9pm, and Morgan is now doing homework for finals and Dan is doing classwork too. I’m catching up on my blog and then bedtime. Yawn!!!

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