Oh my gods it is cold!

Last  night when we went to bed it was -2F outside. We stayed up long enough to welcome in the new year and then crawled in bed! Hot water bottles are a blessing. This morning when we got up it was 30F in the house. BRRRRrrrrrRRRRrrrrrr!

We started a fire and turned up the electrical heaters and by 5pm, we got the house up to 50F. (16F outside) This happened just in time for the couple from Falcon to come meet Spike. They came in and met him and decided that they would take him home. I hope that all works well for Spike!

I made pinto bean soup for dinner. The ham bone from Yule dinner is cooking away in it, and will be Brandy’s as a treat. Now to decide whether to make corn bread or just heat up tortillas.

I’m waiting for that heatwave of 46F tomorrow!!!

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