What a start to the week.

Sunday we went up to Colorado Springs. We spent the night up there because Morgan had SSAT testing at Fountain Valley. We got there on time and she took the test. The proctor said that they had never had a student so happy when they came in to take the test. She finished the test in record time. Interesting in that she didn’t know that it is the kind of test you aren’t expected to finish. It tests the limit of your knowledge at that level. Now we await the test results.

When we got home on Monday, we were watching a movie when the house began to smell. Skunk!! Two of them having sex under the house. Awwgh!!!! the smell!!!! gag… Have I mentioned how much I detest skunks? It was snowing, so we couldn’t even open the doors to air out the house. ugh. Did not sleep well.

Yesterday was a school board meeting that outlined just how bad things could be. Not pretty. Once again, I didn’t sleep well. On top of the school board getting my dander up, I upset a friend accidentally. So, I tossed and turned during the night trying to figure out how to fix things.

A good thing though is that I am making pizza for dinner.

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