Heatwave!!! (and skunkwave)

Supposedly. 46 today and 54 tomorrow! Wheeee! This morning, we slid down Jackson, thru the stop sign at Kansas, and the stop sign at Colorado. no choice, as the hill is one huge sheet of ice. Then we slid all over Colorado until we got to Main street. Geeze!

We had to dig our firewood pile out of the melt too. What a mess! Oh, and the skunk came by for a visit. Phewww!!! I actually opened up all the doors I could to let the house air. It was bad. Walking through the house was enough to make my coat smell. Ugh. Have I said how much I detest the damn things? Double it. With prejudice.

For once I am looking forward to the melty part of the storm and Spring. I want to introduce Mr. Skunk to Mr. Trap or Mr. Shotgun.  I think I’ll go snort Listerine to get rid of the smell.

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