A Tortilla Run!

What? you say. Tortillas? Running? Well, Dan and I got up at the crack of yawn and went with my parents to Las Vegas, New Mexico. Why? Because of Charlie’s Bakery. Oh. My. God.

Every four months or so, my parents drive down and pick up 12 dozen or more tortillas from Charlies. This time they took us with them. We could share the driving and help carry the tortillas to the car. Plus, we were treated to the most heavenly lunch! I’m still stuffed and it is nearly five hours later! After a heavenly lunch of enchiladas with carne avodovo, I got an apple fritter and Dan got cookies. We had to save them until we got home.

Now I have six dozen tortillas to savor until the next trip. Below are pictures of the bakery, the tortilla cooker and the pastry shelf. I couldn’t find a picture of the cooler where the 10″ high cream puffs or the 12″ x 5″ x 3″ long johns made with REAL cream live. They probably got tired of people licking their computer screens. Next time you’re in Las Vegas, New Mexico, stop at Charlie’s.

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4 thoughts on “A Tortilla Run!

    1. You know, we ate at 11am yesterday and I never had dinner. Still too full. It was heavenly. And guess what… We’re having tortillas with dinner!

  1. I haven’t heard the “crack of yawn” since my grandfather would kick us kids out of bed at 5:30 AM. Of course it was supposed to be “dawn” but he would have his teeth out in the mornings. Great post. I’m hungry again.

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