From Drip to Downpour!

About an hour ago, it started raining. Really raining. Keep in mind the ground is already soaked from a week of nightly rain showers. So, I start closing windows and head to the back door when I realize we have a problem. A big wet problem.

The rain is coming down so hard that it is forming rapids on the stairs from the back yard. It is flowing so fast that the water is coming IN the back porch. I holler to Dan who looks at it and then heads outside to start diverting the water. That’s when I realize that if we don’t move the mud and debris from the side of the house, the water is still going to flow in the back porch. So, out I went.

It hails. It rains. It soaks us both, but we get the water diverted. After we dried off, changed into dry clothes and got a cup of tea, I looked out the front door. Oh My! The alley had washed out. So, I took pictures.

Oh, and it keeps raining about every 15 minutes.

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