Happy Brrrrrr Year!

Oh it has been cold!!! Cold enough that wood that should have lasted us another two weeks is gone. Brrr! And… three people, Morgan, Dan and I in one small main room was… Crowded! We were all snuggling up to the wood stove. Add in texting, videos, dinners, and phone calls for three and chaos reigned. While I was sad for Morgan to go back to school and Dan back to work, I have been glad for the silence. I might even get some sewing done!

I have a number of projects on the back burner so to speak. A coat, SCA garb, woodworking, knitting, and um.. oh yeah.. Writing! Biggest issue is keeping warm enough.

Dan and I had a nice New Year’s Eve. Smoked salmon and salmon paste in little pastries with fresh spinach salad, rye crackers, etc. We did stay up until midnight, and then curled up under the heavy quilt. 🙂

We did finish one major project before the new year. Lighting! We installed 4 lights and one ceiling fan. The difference is amazing! Next up on the Wendy House agenda is a ‘dog house’ for the plumbing connections that are outside, flooring in the living room and then closets.

Here are the lights. The pendulum lights are in the ‘living room’ area. The round ones are in the kitchen area and the ceiling fan is above our bed.

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