Colorado Breakdancing

It’s been cold. Icy. Damn icy. Wednesday and Friday were horrid. On Wednesday, we took my mom to the library and grocery. Dan had to take her to the door, as I couldn’t stand up on the frozen parking lot. Everything was coated in ice. Oh, and the Subaru was sliding, even with 4wd!

Friday was no better. My meeting was canceled because I-25 was a skating rink. Dan and Morgan went to the store, and when they came back, Morgan fell, and Dan skidded all over the place. We were making jokes about Canadian Breakdancing coming to Colorado. In the end, just to walk between the woodpile and the Wendy House, we had to put down ashes.

Of course, we’ve had a couple of nice days up in the 50’s. Tomorrow isn’t one of them. Once more into the freezer. sigh…

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