Just a bit of snow

We woke up yesterday to just a bit of snow. More wet dirt than anything. Was it a non-issue? Had the weathermen failed? We watched over the morning. The clouds rolled in and a few more flakes fell. We were sad that our event, Corazon, had been canceled, but figured it was for the best.

Late in the afternoon, the snow began to fall heavily. It sounded like rain on the roof, but it was snow. Then the flakes became big and fat. Full of moisture. Dan stepped outside and took a few pics.

It was difficult to see as the snow was falling fast. When we went to bed, the snow was fine cold flakes, and still falling fast.

This morning, we got up to Winter Wonderland. Here are my pics from about 10am. You can see the depth of snow change in the pictures. Oh, and it is still snowing.

2 thoughts on “Just a bit of snow

  1. You lassie are a jinx not a whiff of snow all winter till I read your last post then I looked out the window to see the top of Ward Hill bathed in white.

    The snow disappeared in short order and normal service was resumed till I read tonight’s post. As I shivered at your snowy pictures the wind whipped up laughing as it tossed wet sloppy flakes at my window.

    Sorry your event was cancelled hope your weather improves soon.

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