Jon Sudar 1936-2015

Dad passed at 5:20 this morning. I had to smile as he was born at 5:25am. Symmetry. Plus, it is Earth Day, which is rather appropriate for someone who loved the outdoors as much as he did. He didn’t want any services, just donations to our local state park volunteer program, the historical mining museum, and the Friends of the library. The pictures below are from 1936 to 2014. Lots of Dad as a climber.

6 thoughts on “Jon Sudar 1936-2015

    1. It was interesting, and a little crazy at times. Every weekend was a hike, camping or picnic trip. While there were days it drove me crazy, I wouldn’t exchange it for anything.

    1. Thank you Chas. He did have a full life. Climbed all 54 14er’s and some more than once. He loved the outdoors, and I remember him saying one time that he believed in God, and the mountains were his temple. When I sort of asked huh? as we didn’t go to church, he said “GOD. Great Out Doors.” I’ve always loved that.

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