Of lumberjacks and interior decorations…

Today while I installed fixtures in the bathroom and tidied up things, Dan and Dayne cut back branches on two trees. We are due to have 60 to 80 mph winds tomorrow, and both of the trees had branches that rubbed on the house. I was sorry to have to trim them, but… it was needed.

Tomorrow while the wind blows and Dan fixes computers, I will be doing touch up work in the bathroom and begin to ready the kitchen and breakfast nook for paint! Once those rooms are painted, I can start unpacking a lot of boxes! Wheee!

3 thoughts on “Of lumberjacks and interior decorations…

  1. Have watched with great interest your move to the house and all the work you have had to do on it. You so deserve this space of your own even with a mortgage!!

    Take care both and best wishes from the other side of the “pond” to you both in your new abode. xx

    1. Thank you Sue. It has been a real challenge. And, as some one pointed out, the mortgage and insurance is less than rent… đŸ™‚

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