Today was a good day. It snowed! We needed the moisture, as this has been a very dry and mild winter.

Plus, we got the rolling cabinet, and all three wardrobes over to the house with a little help from our friend Doug and his dad. The wardrobe in the basement just made it! The little wardrobe is safe in our bedroom, and the wardrobe with the mirror doors is in the studio! It looks good. I plan to store fabric, supplies and project boxes in it. I decided to put the ‘bakers rack’ in the studio as well. It will give me bookshelf space and drawer space. This was something I was going to be short on as Dan has my big black book case.

Tomorrow after the Democratic county assembly, I will be moving more of the sewing stuff over. My mom will have 45% of her living room back for the first time in a year.

We organized the tool room today as well. That was a 3 hour undertaking. We’ve had all these boxes with bits and pieces in them because when we packed, anything went in a box. Now we get to sort it all out. I think I have enough little boxes to sort things into. While Dan took the last of the tools downstairs, I put the chairs in the breakfast nook. Then he helped me move the table in. It is a little bit tight, but it will do for now. Eventually, we may put a bench and tables in instead of the little round table.

The picture below is of the same room and table, but different chairs. Plus, my sons and nephew. Starting at the bottom right, Erin, Bryan, Stefan, Dayne and Daniel.

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2 thoughts on “Snow!!!

  1. Wish we could give you some of our moisture it has been difficult this year to find fields for the early ploughing matches

    1. Our normal moisture for a year is between 15 and 17 inches. Unless we have a lot of rain in the next few months, it is going to be a very dry year.

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