Springtime in Colorado

Yesterday it was 70. Warm, sunny and lovely. Dan and my nephew moved my desk into the studio, and I continued to unpack boxes and put things away.

They forecast snow for today. Yeah… Every time they have done that, we’ve gotten a dusting. Well, this morning we woke up to snow. About 6 inches. It snowed hard, and we now have about 14 inches of snow. Wet heavy snow. After a trip to the store and Dan fishtailing into the fence which cracked a taillight, we went over to 203 Walsen. There, we discovered there was no power. The heavy snow had broken the lines. We did a few things and came home. Maybe tomorrow…

2 thoughts on “Springtime in Colorado

  1. Now that’s what I call a desk *drool*. Now I would never call you a chaos magnet dear girl but Dan on the other hand wellllllll*ducks and heads for the door. Now if you cropped the little Viking house picture it would make a lovely yule card.

    1. It is a glorious desk. Lots of little drawers too. I adore it.
      As for the chaos magnet… there are days. 🙂
      I hadn’t thought of using that pic for a yule card… hmmm…

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