This blog is about my creative life. Computers, business, knitting, quilting, reading and enjoying myself. Where to start?

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I’m a computer geek who works for a local newspaper, and our own computer company. I use to be a SAHM. I’ve been a publicly elected official-school board member, volunteer at the local library, in the schools, at the local chamber of commerce, etc. I’m a seamstress, gardener, knitter, quilter, avid reader and writer. I have four sons, two adopted daughters, two daugthers-in-law, four granddaughters, six ¬†grandsons, and a bunch of “adopted” kids. I live in Rural Southern Colorado. I have one dog and feed feral cats.

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  1. I knew Mike. He was one of those people who made it fun to go to work.
    Even if it was a bad day.
    He introduced me to mongolian bbq
    I’ll miss him

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  3. Hi:
    I’m an old friend of Carl and Maryjane Holzhauer.
    I lived with them in Boulder 1959-1960.
    I drove MJ, her sister ,and the kids from MA to Co
    in Sep 1959.

    I read about Carls passing via your blog.
    Thank you for being their friend and helping them.

    Do you know how Maryjane is ???
    Have you seen her latlely ???
    Do you have a current address for her ???

    I really enjoy reading your blog.
    You remind me a lot of many of my free sprite friends of years past.

    You mentioned that Dan is a HAM, I am also.
    My callsign is K1VU and live in W. Bridgewater, MA.
    What is his callsign ??? Maybe I’ve worked him.

    73 (ham talk for “Best Reguards”)
    Bob Johnson

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