Or, how I finally made a cap to cover my hair!

When I began to contemplate a 14th century version of Unna Farulfsdottir, I almost stopped, because I really dislike some of the veils or hair coverings. I don’t like things around my throat. Then I found a blog that discussed St. Brigitta’s Huva. To be honest, I was ‘sold’ almost instantly. I could cope with this, and it was pretty!

My first hurdle was the lacy bit in the middle. A double woven Herringbone stitch. After three or four tries, I got a decent sample done.

Then, after a search through various materials, I found a linen piece with white on white embroidery on it. Perfect! I checked a variety of blogs and found the pattern that worked best to my mind here. This blog is full of good information. Once I figured out how to space the open area, I began the double herringbone and kutch stitch. The stitches can be found here and here.

Here are the photos of my work. I did make one mistake. I forgot to leave the 1.5 inches open at the bottom. However, it still worked out alright and it hangs right. Next time I’ll leave the gap and see how that works. I plan to make another one in silk.

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