A Question…

I realized that I am eating up my media allowance something fierce. I have a few choices. Stop posting pictures. (okay, stop laughing!) Split the SCA stuff off of the main blog. That only slows down the storage issue, and does not fix it. Pay WordPress for more storage at a rate of about $8.25 a month. Or, pay .99 for a domain and then transfer the contents and host on our own server.

My big worry is that I will lose all my pictures that I have posted, and so the transfer will take ages. Then of course working things out so that people know where I’ve gone. I’ve got about 188 followers at the moment.

Thoughts? Ideas? If you like my blog, and read it, Please give me some feedback!

To Blog or not to Blog

That’s the question. I am trying to decide whether to delete two of my blogs or not. First one is Digitally challenged, the blog story I have been writing and which has sort of come to an end. The other is one I am thinking of re-purposing. I just have not had the time to update either of them and so have been rethinking them.

Digitally Challenged, I want to turn into a story in book form. However, I need to have it easier to edit, hence the taking it off the blogsphere.

Anyone out there have an opinion?

Meanwhile, Adventures has run it’s course in a different way. Not sure what to do with that one. A friend of mine is doing a story a day thing and I am thinking of trying that with this site. Sort of like DC, only a different theme. Still thinking on that one.

Then there is Pagan Way. Dan and I share that one and it is due to be moved to a website. Once again, similar purpose, but more coverage/access needed.

Lots of thinking…. Sorry for the sound of grinding gears and smoke.

Today was a lazy day otherwise. I got the front porch straight so I can do some more sewing. Wheee!!!! The weather is warming up at last and I will be able to sit out there without freezing.

Ian went to bed early and Dan is playing video first person kill’um games. I think I will work on that pair of socks that needs the heel turned.