A warm Sunday

Sitting here in my office, I am basking in the warmth of the sun coming through the window. Hard to believe it is November and we are still having days up in the 70’s. It’s warm enough to make me sleepy in fact. Not the best as I have plenty to do today.

After I got this blog set up yesterday, I decided I aught to learn a bit about widgets and CSS. So, I found a tutor on CSS online. Granted, there was a lot of cut and paste technology… (ahem), but I actually understood what I was doing! Can’t promise that I could do so off the top of my head this morning, but…… I have the pages saved and know I can go back to them. Huzzah!!! This is a good thing as Dan has been programing all night long to set up a website place holder for my cousin’s newspaper. They contracted with some French programmers and got bloody sod all for the money they have put out so far. Granted, that doesn’t mean that they won’t get their act together, but they have yet to show anything. sigh….. Getting back to Dan’s effort… Which was beautiful and to my cousin by 10pm last night. :> I at least understand a bit more of what he is doing now. Hell, I even dreamed of programming last night! Darned if I didn’t wake up before it booted! Oh well…

My parents are coming to town on Tuesday. Mom and I will be heading to Pueblo to get fabric for curtains. They are trying to get their house ready for Dad to retire. Matt, Jimmor and Bill worked on the house yesterday. Morgan helped Matt mow the lawn and get it all tidy as well.

I’m going to edit one of my stories today as well as get caught up on some house work. What I’d really like to do is get some stuff done around the office. However, that will just have to wait. Oh well…

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