Mondays, elk legs and organization

    Here it is Monday afternoon and while in one way I don’t think I’ve gotten much done, when I look at my list of things to do, I’ve managed plenty.

Saturday, after sleeping in late, I got to work on stuff over at the office. In the end, Dan and I realized that we needed to head to Pueblo. So, off we went. Six hours later, we had a desk for Karen, three new chairs, two book cases, and some other bits and bobs.

Sunday morning, I was up and moving by 8:30am… yawn! We had furniture to build for the office. My cabinet for my office was first. Not to difficult, but we think that directions were getting scrambled in translation. Engrish! sigh….. Then the desk. Not too difficult, but still time consuming. After that we stopped for a bit of food and then tackled the bookshelves. First one was slow. Second one was fast, but Dan put two shelves in backwards. So, I colored the raw edges with sharpie. :> We also moved furniture around and put an old bookcase in his room when we moved one of the new ones into his office area. We got the big metal shelf into the back porch and now have the beginnings of organized tools, components, etc. Huzzah!!! We also got the glass into the window frames. It isn’t caulked yet, but there is quarter round in place to hold the glass. We will do the pretty bits later when it is just a tad warmer!

This  morning, I started the school run again. We have a month left before the holidays. I drove out to Badito with a glorious sunrise in the rear view mirror. Drove home and then picked up Daniel to take him to school. On the way there, there was something in the road. I wasn’t sure what it was. It looked like a very weird piece of wood. Drove by it slowly on the way home and realized it was the lower leg of an elk! Complete with hoof! Found out later that one of the high school guys went hunting and  as a joke stuck bits of the rotting left overs all over the high school campus. sigh!

Today of course since we built all of those lovely bits of furniture, I have to organize things. My desk looks like a tornado hit it. However, I have more shelf and cupboard space than I did last week! Now to get some stuff done before it is time to pick up the wee trolls.

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